Have you been lucky and won a Progressive Jackpot?


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Dec 9, 2005

I have always wondered what it takes to win a Progressive as I have only won one once in my lifetime and that was on the day after I lost alot on same machine.

All I knew on the 2nd was to play it and I was saying I gonna win, and in less then 3 spins I won 4000GBP's.

I have won many normal wins like 12800k on Thunderstruck but have never won the jackpot or the Progressive on the main machines.

What I'd loved to know is any of you have won a Progressive and what bet and how long it take in spins.

Also is there a more luckier casino then another?


i hit a random jackpot at rtg free chip, was all excited to get my 4 k, well after reading the T & C's, found out i only got 50 didnt even bother cashing out, that was about a year and a half ago when i first started playing
liquidsoap says
random jackpot

May I ask, what game and casino that was, and why wren't you allowed the whole amount? Was it because it was bonus money you hit it on? -->
free chip

The reason I ask, is that I love these casinos and all I play are the ones with random jackpots....and I have never hit a random one, but a rapid fire a few times now, and Marvel ones quite few times...Never knew anyone to hit the "Random" ones.
it was cleo, but i cant remeber the casino, now that i think about it. alot of casinos offer these chips even repatable casinos like inetbet, sci fi, and breakaway you may only cashout a little bit so i am not quite sure.
WowPot Progressive

I won a Progressive once. I had just began playing WowPot... a game I did not really care for but it surely paid off! Bells and Whistles go off. It's a wonderful feeling of complete shock!

I prefer Spin Palace and it's sister site, Ruby Fortune. They have great bonus features for VIP's. This was won last Jan. at Spin Palace. My luck has not been so good since but I keep trying!
Very nice!! Sweet hit.

TxMyTx, I hit a rapid fire jackpot (random) at Intercasino for over $700 playing .45/spin.
Thanks all and keep them coming.

I tried so hard on Cashalot this week and the Tzusami for around 2000 spins.

I guess if your lucks not in, it not in.

I like the randon jackpots, but have only played those at King Solomnn's and ended up winning 5k US over 2 days play but not one random jackpot as I played all the machines.

Not played there since, but maybe I may have better luck on random jackpots, but aren't the big progressives by the sound of not always playing a long time can win. Was there a post that someone won over 1 million on the millionaire game and only spun a few times.

Maybe oneday it will be me before I am too old to spend it :rolleyes:


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