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Have a long and hard think about gambling

Discussion in 'Online Casinos' started by Woody50, Jun 29, 2008.

    Jun 29, 2008
  1. Woody50

    Woody50 Dormant account

    This was a response to another question but with the extra info I think it deserves a thread of its own.

    Why do I keep playing? Why do some people keep shooting Heroin? These and all Casino's play on Human nature, they must be making a fortune. The whole industry is really unregulated, I mean these self regulatory bodies with Zero Government oversight are toothless. If the Casino is ripping people off do you really think a Casino self appointed regulator is going to shit in their own nest?

    A few facts that stick out on casinos being rigged are these,,, If you use the same drivers license or Credit card detail when registering that will be a major mistake. I will explain, The first time I registered with a Casino I won large amounts on just about every game but over time the payouts decreased and they got it all back plus some. I went and registered at another of their stable of Casino's and the payouts where just take take take.

    Now I went and registered at a totally different group and the first payouts where again large but as time went on they got it all back and plus some.

    I tested this out over a few months and I can say that with a large degree of certainty that they track you with your data that you supply them.

    The fact is that when you have a win on any slot that little "Refreshing State" is exaclty what it means, the machine starts exactly from where you left off from. In a land based Casino other patrons will feed the machine and lose but you can come back to this machine and have another win. With the online Game no one else plays that slot but you! Over time you are guaranteed to loose all your money.

    The other thing is that you forget what games that you have played and if you stick to just the one casino or as I think any associated Casino then over time you are guaranteed of loosing all your money.

    If you want to stand any chance of a win you cannot play the same group of Casino's with the same I.D I am quite sure that there is a back room office somewhere that collates all this information and uses it to milk you of as much cash as possible.

    This industry is a money maker for the ones running the Casio's, there is massive financial gains to be had by duping the sucker mug punter.

    I like what some on this board say, they call it entertainment. No its not entertainment as most people that play are after a win to help them out of the financial mess that they are in. Casino's just by their existance cause much misery to people already in a bad place.

    These Casino's either online or Land based need to be closed down, they cause huge financial damage to people who just cannot help themselves by thinking that they can beat a sophisticated computer program that is the pinnacle of technology designed to separate one from their cash.

    To continue risking hard earned dollars will in time convince you that you have been an under educated fool. Cancel all your accounts and do something constructive rather than destructive to your finances.

    If you keep playing after reading this them I feel sorry for you on your pathetic financial future.
  2. Jun 29, 2008
  3. Fleur-De-Lis

    Fleur-De-Lis Senior Member MM

    Eh... what exactly do you suggest, then? Using multiple I.D.s?? :eek:
  4. Jun 29, 2008
  5. suzecat

    suzecat Dormant account

    Dude..............you're a real buzz kill! :D Sorry, but I do not believe anyone should be denied their own lessons in life...........IMHO hard learned lessons are the ones that create permanent change. Whether that is for the better or worse is an operation of free will.
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  6. Jun 29, 2008
  7. USA2112

    USA2112 Dormant account

    Rehab old dwellings and playing music/guitar/etc..
    To start, what you said about heroin, your right, gambling can be an addiction for some people, just the same as gambling can be entertainment for others who have self control. I guess it depends on how each individual looks at gambling. Casual players play because they enjoy the skill and entertainment of the games, problem gamblers see gambling in a different way and usually spend more money then they have for one, and keep trying to win the big pot, that's not what gambling is all about, it would be nice, but the odds are unlikely it will happen unless luck is on your side.

    It sounds like you just have very bad luck when it comes to gambling, not only that, it sounds like you don't have control over how much you gamble or the amount you will put at risk to gamble with, so I can sympathize with your frustration, but I would not compare yourself to others and try to convince them or yourself they are no different than you, because obviously they are, and I would suggest reading some of the information in the links casinomeister provided in the other thread so you can understand your gamling habits. Gamblers that don't evaluate their gambling habits when they feel they may have a problem "Don't have fun gamling, spend to much money etc," these are the people who suffer the most financial lost in the long run. Even casual gamblers take a break every now and then when they need too, and I'm sure some give it up altogether.

    To casinos being rigged, I don't think the information you posted proves that at all. It's sounds like you were ahead at first, this is where casual gamblers cash out and take the winnings and play another day. Anyone who continues to play and never cashes out can not win and will lose over time, that sounds more like what happen.

    Casino will take anyones money if you allow them too, that is why they are in business, to make money.

    If you truely believe this, I would definitely check the links provided in the other thread. And that goes for anyone else that feels the same way, I know I would if I felt this way.

    No one could deny this, casinos are in business, "to seperate one from their cash" But. this is why any wise gambler decides how much they are willing to risk before they play. Never play outside your gambling budget.

    Even during the days when casinos only had mechanical machines and not computerized thier objective was the same as it is today, to earn money.

    This is very good advice for anyone who feels they have a gambling problem.
  8. Jun 29, 2008
  9. lauram

    lauram Dormant account

    self employed
    There is so many things in this world that is addictive. Did you have a bad run been there myself. Just like doing drugs race track poker you got to know where your limit lands and as long as your not hurting anyone else so be it. I dont borrow money from anyone to play mortgage is paid food on table taxes
    clothes car payments and so on. Always toss money to my children even if they arent in need of it i always make sure they get something each week. I dont date busy with work, it did take me few months to find my limit and work in it and im happy about the way i deal with my handling of my funds. When i no longer find this fun anymore then its time to stop never had that i got to win feeling.
    Would be nice hitting rj but im happy with what im doing and i would never post on here how anyone else should be handling their private affairs. Different if they direct it to the forum asking for help or advice but to toss in your comments never. Wish you all the best maybe your feelings will pass or not, just enjoy life if you took that big loss move on you cant go back.

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