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Jun 19, 2009
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Hey all, I have been watching the Bandit on YouTube for a few years. I love his videos, and his slot play is real. After watching one of his videos the other day, I had autoplay on, and it rolled to this channel called WatchGamesTV. This dude on this channel (not the bandit, btw) and his play are giving me Stake Casino vibes. I know Gambon casino is NOT licensed even in Curacao (where they say they are), and if you look up the registered address, it shows a house!

First off, Gambon casino is such a lousy name for a casino since it is so close to Gamban, and I think it targets problem gamblers. The WatchGamesTv dude only plays at this casino and goes fairly high stakes. I get the feeling that the casino is bankrolling him (as Stake Casino did to some Twitchers, and then Stake founded Kick streaming to promote Stake).

Am I crazy for smelling a rat here and thinking that this casino is a clip shop joint?

It's Gamdom casino you are referring to.
They are considered one of the more reliable crypto casinos and they definitely do have curaçao licence.
I'm sure a few members here play on that site so would be able to say if it's any good.
I just checked The Pogg website, and this is what he says:
Again it just seems sketchy to me. Or maybe its just the streamers who promote it.
Its Gamdom I have been playing there a while. Great interface - really good comps/ rake back - I did the switch as was tired of lousy rake back and crap wheel spins and chronic support on BC game (although never an issue at all with cashouts at BC)

Gamdom so far is a slick operation. And I tried support a few times - really good. Fast and not stock answers - never once asked to clear me cookies ;-) They are getting all my play at this time. Plus they do have some RG tools available time outs and so on. Minimal KYC - enough to stop multi accounting and no SOW.

The rake back and bonuses far out strip bc game. Whats not to like ? sure I could get shafted as its offshore but I am prepared to take that risk.
Thanks everybody for your input! It is good to know that they pay. Might give them a shot! 🙏
Regarding the streaming side, they are frequently mentioned in the same conversation as Stake and Roobet, and many believe they're utilising the same monopoly money tactics for clickbait.

Personally, I'd be wary of any operation that is willing to be dishonest like that - if they're happy to lie to your face about stuff like that, then you'd anticipate they'll have no qualms running off with your money when things go south. Admittedly with crypto being a wild wild west, there's going to be question marks about most of them in some shape or form...

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