WARNING GoldenLady: arbitrary confiscations and ignoring player issues


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Jan 20, 2004
A few months ago a seasoned player brought a curious case to our attention: part-way through the wagering requirements the player's balance of around $15,000 had disappeared from their account. The casino claimed the bonus had been valid for 30 hours only but the player could find no such Term. Casino support claimed it had been a "special bonus" -- not true since they had solicited the player several times to play this bonus AND had stated that the player could do so as many times as they liked -- and further claimed that in such cases the casino "do not always list or tell all the terms and conditions." After some months of trying to get the casino to comment on the case the player came to us.

Long story short: the casino never acknowledged nor replied to the player's issue. All attempts to raise the issue were ignored. As such the following seems well justified:

WARNING: Golden Lady Casino (goldenladycasino.com) is confiscating player winnings arbitrarily and without justification. Player complaints are ignored. Players are advised to avoid this casino.
Quick update to say that it seems things haven't changed: no reply from the casino on recent PABs, no action taken by the casino to resolve player issues.

Given the situation we can't do more than forward PAB details to the casino: any further action depends on them responding to the issue. In other words we can't chase the PAB as we normally would.
We're getting complaints that GoldenLady is again confiscating player money by simply refusing to pay and refusing to respond to complaints. Player beware.
BUMP : the complaints are still coming in regarding these guys and their non-responsive ways haven't changed. AVOID.
The issues at this casino continue, same old story with these guys:
Players are strongly advised to avoid this casino and take their money elsewhere.
FWIW more complaints but nothing has changed, they're still ignoring any and all complaints:
As ever players are advised to play somewhere else.
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