Found four Affpower-linked casinos


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Mar 16, 2019
I came across a network of 4 casinos that I believe are tied to Affpower (who are currently around as Prism Marketing). They are called LadyAida, VegasWild, SlotsHall and XPokies. They are tied to Affpower because the e-mail address that registered SlotsHall/XPokies also registered Affpower-linked websites, as this post by me shows: Affpower-linked casinos. LadyAida and VegasWild are tied to SlotsHall/XPokies because they use the same chat program and because a page on the VegasWild website has XPokies in the tab title. Interestingly, LadyAida says it's ran by ""Xipe Consult ltd" in Sofia, Bulgaria. Now, where was Tall Mountain Limited (linked to Affpower) from? Oh yes, Sofia, Bulgaria.

There is simply no way that is a coincidence. It seems like Affpower is trying to establish yet again a brand of casinos seemingly unconnected to them so that they can continue stealing money from players. By the way, on the LCB forum, a rep from SlotsHall registered and posted there and what do you know, the rep is in Israel, as this shows:
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