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Mar 16, 2019
I've came across one of Affpower's aliases a while ago: Topia Solutions N.V. They run various casinos, such as Allwins Casino, JellyBean Casino, Lord of the Spins, Crazyno Casino, and Whitelion Bets.

For evidence, this post at Affiliate Guarddog links Affpower/Gamescale and JellyBean Casino together: Jelly Bean Casino / Smile Affiliates . Thus, Topia Solutions N.V must be linked as well. Additionally, one of the e-mail addresses Topia Solutions uses is: "ubiquin at" - Ubiquin is part of a name for an Affpower-linked company.

Dons Casino (yes, that's really its name) is also owned by Affpower, as it proudly admits to being ran by Alpha Interactive Solutions N.V. Affpower runs various affiliate programs: SmileAffiliates, ConversionAffiliates, CrazyAffs and RevenueAffiliates. The websites of the Topia Solutions N.V casinos in question are, in order:,,,, and The new Alpha Interactive Solutions N.V one is at:

I should add this: Affpower/GameTech is using the alias Vega World Solutions N.V on several of their casino websites that were previously ran by Alpha Interactive Solutions N.V, like Ridika Casino, Gale & Martin Casino, SlotsZoo, Madame Chance Casino, and such.

I actually noticed that an e-mail used to register Vega World Solutions N.V domains was being used to register websites linked to Affpower and some that said they were ran by Seagate N.V, a known of but seemingly defunct group unrelated to Affpower. This makes me wonder if Affpower hasn't been buying domain names and using them to seem like older groups, or if they've stolen the older group's name and are impersonating them - certainly not something they would be above.

The domains in question that say they're ran by Seagate N.V are: and seems to have been a virus-website up until someone either brought or changed the domain. These two websites have an extremely similar design to the Topia Solutions websites - the art is so similar. Slotshall and Xpokies are using the same affiliate program, FuseAffs.
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You posted about 10 links in that post of which numerous were to shithole sites. You only need to mention the names, not the .com extensions which will result in a link, even if unintended!
Please bear this in mind for future posts. :)

Naturally they've all been killed.
Thank you, apologies. Was trying to work out how to deal with it there. Tried putting in brackets between the dot, didn't work. Tried removing the www. bit, that didn't work either.
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Askgamblers don't give 2 fucks to promote them... and gives to these shit casinos 7-star rating...:D

Yes, that does tend to happen with alarming frequency. The line between a reputable casino and a 1668/JAZ shithole one is narrower than a cigarette paper on there sometimes.
Affpower/Topia Solutions N.V appear to have a new casino out called Casino Fantastik - on an interesting note, the phone number to contact for that casino is the same as the one Mr James Casino has for UK players, and Mr James Casino is ran by Alpha Interactive Solutions N.V which is yet another of Affpower's many aliases.
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