Energy Casino - reload game = lose your free spins


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Jun 8, 2016
Hey there u lovely People. Let me tell u my wonderfull Experience with Energy Casino. After playing for Years at Videoslots my Country got Restricted, so i was looking around to try out other Casino's. After seeing the very good Score here, for this Casino, i was like - lets give it shot, as i had an Account there for Years.
Well i just want to warn People because i won't see my Winnings anyways.

I played on Energy Casino with an Balance of 674€ on Midas Golden Touch when i got Free Spins on 2€ Stake. I had won about 200€ until Free Spin 9/10. At the Last Spin it have hit A's with one Wild in the Middle. It was spinning and hitting A's until i was missing just 2 Symbols for full Screen when an Error ocurred and i had to Reload the Game. Well here is the Suprise. I reloaded Midas and there were no Free Spins anymore - my Balance was exactly the same. The Game was acting like i just started playing. So i wrote per Mail to Support what happened and was hoping maybe for a Solution. In the End after writing for Days ( because i got 1 Mail per Day from them) all i got is this:


Dont get me wrong - it was maybe also my fault because i could have made an Screenshot of the Error but i was so hyped for that nice Hit that i just Reloaded. Like in every other Casino i ever played - u reload and move on with your Free Spins. Not on Energy Casino for me.
I just want to warn the People if u ever get in such a Situation make Screenshots or Videos whatever. Because in the End u are the Stupid one and u'll get such a frustrating answer like me. This Casino is never ever seeing my Money again.


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