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Stiletto Bandita
May 31, 2002
D.C. Area
I just discoverd Eco card takes deposits via some money exchange services from the U.S.

Searched the form and can't find anthing on them. Any one have any experience they would like to share using Eco card (how fast are withdrawals, etc.)

I use Ecocard alot. I do not however use it for withdrawals. Just deposits. I send $ via money transfer to Ecocard and then just use it as you would use neteller to deposit.
Money transfer (wu) minimum is $200 us maximum $3000 us and if you give them the details during their business hours you will have your money credited within an hour which i really like. However no weekend crediting is a downfall
details sent before 15.00 GMT on a business day will be credited same day at 8.00 16.00 GMT

MoneyGram minimum deposit is $200 us maximum deposit 1800 us
if details are sent before 15.00 GMT on a business day it will be credited same day at 14.00 16.00 GMT

Hope this helps
I used EcoCard with WireTransfer to deposit yesterday. Money will be ready today.

Cash out fees with eco card are:

30 Cheque (TNT or DHL)
10 Wire Transfer (Only Europe)

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