How to continue playing live baccarat on when I stay in USA?


Oct 18, 2023
Hello everybody!I'm in the US now, but I want to continue playing live baccarat on in Quebec. I purchased a VPN and changed my IP location to Montreal, but when I log in, the website says "you are attempting to login from a restricted location (" and cannot log in. I googled my IP location and some showed me in Montreal, but some IP viewing sites showed the same IP location in another part of the United States. How can I overcome this problem? Is there a VPN that allows me to log in to normally?Thank you very much!

The reason I chose is because I already have an account, and deposits and withdrawals are very reassuring. But I am now in North Carolina, USA. If I can't continue playing on, I don't know where else I can play. I hope to play evolution's live baccarat because it is the same platform as, which is reassuring. I tried to find an online casino where I could play in North Carolina, but I was very frustrated. Many casinos were not open to North Carolina.

I found UNIBET, mrgreen and draftkings seem to be able to register, but it does not seem to be suitable for me, because UNIBET is open to Canada, but not to Quebec. My address and bank account are all in Quebec, and they do not seem to be open to North Carolina residents. It's not open, which frustrates me because I feel like UNIBET seems like a good choice. mrgreen seems to require personal document verification when withdrawing money, such as my driver's license photo, my bank statement, credit card photo, my tax record, insurance, pet insurance address certification letter. This is very difficult for me, I just When I came to the United States, I didn't have a job and didn't have that many documents to give them. I only had a credit card from my own country and a credit card from Quebec and a debit card. As for draftkings, I don’t know how to use that location plug-in, and it always stays on the screen asking me to download the plug-in, even though I have downloaded and run it several times.

Can anyone help me? Thank you very much!

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