ATTN: Casino Rep I do not know how people win at online casinos.....


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Apr 30, 2020
Fortville INDIANA
So how do people win at online casinos??? I don't have a clue? I have won but never have I received much. I have requested payouts from $1000 to 2000 and never get more than 300 or 400 at the most. These casinos say I don't have the right status or my winnings were subject to the bonus rules. One customer service rep told me my credit score was too low???? Keep in mind these casinos are ones recommended by this website and others with very good knowledge on casinos. I have quit as of now I have not played for two months. Recently one casino manager gave me a bonus through my email. I played and won over $1000 but the maximum amount to withdraw was $100 so I requested that. A week later I received an email saying my withdrawal was approved and they would notify me when it was sent. A week went by and I received a notice that my withdrawal could not be sent to my debit card so they were wiring it to my bank account. They have had all my information for weeks. Well now 10 days have gone by and no money has been deposited to my bank account. My question why did they bother to send an email with misleading information? Who knows??
Guess it shows that some casinos do base their criteria on financial circumstances then, and will seek to bin off those on lower incomes, or just generally debt-straddled. Seems more a case of casinos cleaning house rather than genuinely prying into players' gambling affordability 🤔

At least this rep was somewhat 'honest' in his statement. That, or they're just a punk clipjoint from hell that should be avoided like the clap
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Come'on. It's obvious. This websites lives of affiliates, and they dont care if their service is correct or incorrect, they just out for a listing on Casinomeister and silently hoping people woud'nt publish their own experience about it.

The given arguments are just utterly bullshit for what it is. What do you mean credit score? You mean the deposits vs withdrawls is'nt equal enough for the casino to make profit? If i where you seek a different place. The quality of whats listed on casinomeister is'nt what it used to be, period.
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