Evobet accusing me of VPN usage


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Dec 30, 2021
Can anybody share their thoughts on this one? This is being discussed at askgamblers but i want some insights pls. I am not sure if i should already file a crime report at the cybercrime group which has international ties and can actually put a block on their websites and more once investigation is over.
Issue: account suspended and under investigation due to alleged vpn use

Joined the casino o 12/26/21

Alleged date of "VPN use' 12/31 to 1/1/22

Account Verified: 1/2/22

Vpn issue surfaced from chat agent 1/4/22

Casino asked for more docs for final confirmation 1/5/22

VPN issue surfaced again 1/17/22

I have completed verification. I have sent proofs that disproves VPN use and why the ip address they question exists and that is because I was in a nearby hotel 20mins away from my residence. There is a booking confirmation, hotel receipts and official document from the hotel stating there is no VPN. Numerous websites also show the ip address is not a VPN. There should not be an issue with my account as it was previously verified and documents show no VPN use. LCB has also agreed that with all the documents have been provided and the casino should verify my account to let me withdraw. It has been a week since I provided all evidence.

There is no clear and concise statement from the terms that prohibits another IP address especially when there is no malicious intent to disguise location. I have always used my android phone and was in a nearby location at the hotel.

Mutiple software and websites have shown no VPN from the ip address in question. I have provided them with references for this to back up my claim.

Heres evobets reply:
While we appreciate the players cooperation we would like to clarify that free online IP checks that we receive from players are not regarded as proof of any sort of activity, we have our own Fraud Tools and employees trained to handle them.

Having stated the above and as previously stated, the relevant department detected VPN usage and requested further information and/or confirmation.

Due to several troubling communications along with harassement of company employees on social media platforms, which we do not find tolerable, we requested enhanced KYC documents for verification purposes which we have received.

In conclusion, the Fraud & Risk Department has permanently suspended the players account, removed winnings and shall allow the player to request a withdrawal of the last deposit made (1000$).

As of this moment, the player is free to log on to the account and request a withdrawal of the aforementioned amount.

Please find all relevant terms and conditions below:

12.10 Company reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to void any winnings and forfeit any balance (winnings and deposits) in your betting account, to terminate the Agreement and/or to suspend the provision of the Services or deactivate your account if:

i) we identify you have disguised, or interfered, or taken steps to disguise or interfere, in any way with the IP address of any Device used to access our Site (such as using a Virtual Private Network “VPN”)

I replied this way

1. Not only the evidence shows there is no VPN, even the hotel said they do not have VPN and i provided receipts and booking and the hotel is just 20mins away from my residence. I am no way disguising my location.

2. I never harassed any employee and have always been polite.

3. My total deposits is 1900usd what is the reason for keeping my other deposits?

Then i tried to withdraw the 1k usd by bank since i used card...guess what..they cancelled stating ibvalid withdrawal method and use crypto
Then i wirhdrew by LTC and got cancelled again this time no explanation

To add to this i have over 10 websites check on the ip address in question which states no VPN. I also have a written proof from the hotel which says they dont use VPN.
Well, I can recommend submitting a PAB here - but this would be Max's call since you already had one closed due to you not abiding by our PAB terms. It would be a matter of us contacting the casino via official channels - not just posting in a public forum.

We can debate the pros and cons of VPNs and their usage until the cows come home, but to make decisions on whether the casino is in the right or not would be to hear what the other side has to say.
Thank you Sir. I apologize to Max as iam new and honestly didnt read the rules as i was infuriated with the VPn issues. I am currently waiting for askgamblers insight as well and see how it goes. I am so tempted to file a police report already since they are not returning my deposits and full and have cancelled the 1k withdrawal.

Here is the ip address in question

I have used the same device which is my mobile phone. Got bored on new year whle i am in the local hotel. I knew about vpn rules so i called the hotel staff saying they dont use vpn. Also got a written confirmation from them saying no vpn as well
@Blippi123 , no problem, please proceed to submit your PAB and we'll do what we can for you.
Please do keep the following in mind:
  • You'll need to be done at AG -- and anywhere else -- before we'll start working on your issue for you. Chasing moving targets is not my favourite pastime.
  • We will expect you to know and respect the Player Arbitration Policies and Procedures . Short patience will greet any violations since we've been through this together in the past.
  • This is a Curacao licensed casino. Please lower your expectations.
Other than that, I look forward to hearing from you via the PAB Tickets.

- Max
Thanks Max, ill probably wait til Friday to close the askg complaint if they cant resolve it by then. Im jusr really in a hurry since i used my card and card company has been calling. Sorry i know ya cant gamble when you cant afford it but we make mistakes and unfortunately landed at the wrong casino.

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