Deposited money to account with different details


Nov 7, 2022
Hello I have a problem, I have a gambling addiction, on gamstop and self excluded from most sites. A while back I thought I found ine logged in deposited in my name (bank card) , turns out account is in another family members name.. Now they are questioning why.. the some of money was very small atleast. I think I may be in trouble and would like advice maybe off a mod or a trusted member. Pleases don't abuse me I feel at bottom of barrel and I'm trying to be positive that this happening has made it so I will never gamble again and luckily the money iv borrowed to gamble is very small n can be quickly sorted out.

Can you be more specific? What exactly is your question?

Max Drayman
Player Arbitration (PAB) Manager,
He deposited into a family members account with his banking details. Now they are questioning why he did that. Wants to know if he is in trouble or not. Small amount deposited and he has a gambling problem
Without reading the terms , but most standard ones don’t allow 3rd party transactions - And no offence if the “family” member is legit, might want to let them know that account will probably be locked and sounds like it might be smart if they also go on Gamstop tbh
@Rocco123 , you've asked us to delete your thread. I'm sorry but we don't just delete stuff. If there is something specific you'd like removed feel free to let us know the details and we'll try to accommodate your request. I can be reached privately at @maxd .

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