Winnings confiscated for having multiple accounts


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Nov 30, 2022
Multiple Accounts still grounds for confiscation when I did not create the other account?

Hello all 👋

Just like to thank you in advanced for taking a read of my post and any information/opinions/input you’d like to provide on the matter would be very much appreciated. (Reasonably new and unseasoned - still learning 🐙)

Registered as a new player on a site I’ve never played before. I will spare the details and fast forward to I made 2 withdrawals (same day) and submitted the requested documents etc for KYC. I had been logging in and out of the account to check that there wasn’t any further verification requests/documents were all good up until the login attempt where the red text comes up and says your blocked contact support - so I did.

They tell me it’s because of MA but I know I have never played there before.

SIDE NOTE BACKGROUND INFO: a couple years ago I was in a relationship with a (insert bad names here) who was making online casino accounts with my name and details. Like LOTS. I don’t know why he would it seems really pointless to me but it was after I ended the relationship so I imagine it was so that this situation that is happening right now would happen.

Anyways so chat support I ask him a bunch of questions about the account got the email address that was used which was not my email but a very close look-a-like to one of my emails so I explained about accounts being fraudulently created using my information but that the account was not created by me. He said sorry nothing I can do as it was a management decision and I pushed to see if I could reach them somehow he said he would forward this information to them and get back to me via email. I sent them photos of a short conversation with the person that made the account in my name admitting to using my details for fraud. They responded to me by sending me the Responsible Gambling speal and said both accounts are closed decision is final.

Anyways so accounts are both blocked, winnings confiscated, when I sent them an email to ask them for a legitimate reason as to why I am not entitled to my winnings they’ve ghosted me and aren’t responding.
I did not breach their T&Cs the other account was made by somebody else fraudulently

The device ID’s will not match, IP addresses will not match, none of that stuff. The other account was inactive for a year (I asked) and also was never validated (I asked that too) so I did mention that since I’ve verified this one why would you not block the unverified and inactive one that somebody made using my information? No response to that either

Does it not matter that I didn’t create the multiple accounts and that I created only one? I scoured the internet to try and find any information on what happens in terms of MA situations where the extra accounts were created fraudulently and found zero information
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Max Drayman here. I manage the Player Arbitration (= complaints) service at Casinomeister. I've seen A LOT of multiple-account related complaints over the years and I can tell you that players make multiple accounts all the time for a variety of reasons. The casinos know this better than anyone and they've seen countless scams from players trying to profit from multiple accounts. Look at it from the casino's point of view and ask yourself "why should I believe this guy?"

The bottom line is that you would need to provide them some good reason(s) to NOT see you as just another multiple-accounts scammer. Given the VERY unusual circumstances you've described that's not going to be easy, IMHO.

- Max
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I am not sure what the reasoning would be for someone to be making phony accounts in your name. Was this person also depositing and playing as well?

Which casino are you referring to? Perhaps if there is a representative here, he/she can help.

Did they refund your deposits already? If not - perhaps we can help.
Wildz casino and I did look for a rep on the list before posting I just didn’t see one. No deposits have been refunded nor did they even ‘offer’ to do so. In my response to them I did ask them to provide me with the reason that under the circumstances I am not entitled to my winnings or at the very least my deposits back. When they did respond it was regarding the photos I sent them of the person acknowledging that they had used my information fraudulently they did not provide me any answers to my questions only that both accounts have been blocked and provided me the link to the Responsible Gambling page to which I responded by just repeating my unanswered questions and stating that I should still be entitled to my winnings regardless of any responsible gambling policies as I have never been a participant of any kind of self-exclusion or anything of the like but that was the last I’ve gotten from them.

About any deposits being made on the fraud account I honestly have no idea if he was depositing or what but at one point he had gained access to my bank account and helped himself to e-transfer himself all of what I had in there but I was never able to access the account to see the transaction history I was having problems logging into my bank one day and phoned them and this was how I found this out so the bank shut the account down immediately.

That’s what I mean when I say I don’t understand what his purpose was for making all these casino accounts under my name because it’s not like he would be able to ever successfully win and withdraw anything so this is why I feel like it was done with malicious intentions to screw me over if I ever played and won anything that I’d never see it
I imagine should be easy enough to get the info about your bank closing account because of fraud . Or perhaps a police report .

Sharing those might get casino to look at it again ??

Were the winnings part of a welcome bonus ? If yes your screwed.

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