WARNING Diamond Reels is using CND to deny winnings


Complaints (PAB) Manager
Staff member
Jan 20, 2004
We've seen a couple PABs regarding Diamond Reels (diamondreels.com) in recent months. In both cases the casino's final response was that they found the player listed in a CND (Central Negative Database) and that was their reason for confiscating the player's winnings. In neither case did the casino offer direct evidence against the players, only that the player was listed in the CND.

In our judgement a player being listed in a CND is basically hearsay evidence: someone, somewhere has flagged them as a risk player. There is no further investigation into the accusation, just the listing itself.

Furthermore the casino gives no advance warning that they will use the CND against players. When asked to explain why they did not the casino people simply said "most players are aware the CND exists." That may or may not be true but no player is made aware of the CND or it's potential impact on their winnings until it is too late for the player to make an informed decision.

If the casino wishes to use the CND listing as grounds for closing a player's account that is of course their business but any monies owed the player(s) should first be paid. In our judgement a CND listing alone is no reasonable grounds for confiscation, especially if players are not made aware, in advance, that a CND listing could be used against them.

WARNING: Diamond Reels is using CNDs to deny player winnings. Players are advised that this predatory policy can and will be used against them without prior notice.