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Jul 24, 2006
Who are these people?

I know someone who got a payout from them, but at the same time I've never heard anything about them.

Anybody know anything?

Thanks, guys! I appreciate it. :notworthy
A quick search of this forum using the link on the bar above will reveal much more on ConnectTo than I could ever hope to put in a reply EL :D
ensign_lee said:
Yeah, I tried a search first, but nothing really bad or good came out.

But it's rogue???

I'd definately steer clear of this place. They're the ones that just offered me (and I'm sure everyone else) a 600% "blackjack" bonus.....A bonus in which you can only play slots with. :what:

A simple search for "connectto" brings up some good threads. A snippet:

"Connectto - False advertising"

"connectto casino problem again"

"Connect To Casino....Do Not Play"

"Connecto Casino Wont Pay"

It goes on and on....;)

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