Celebrating 10 years L&L - Members promotion!

Jun 15, 2013
Hi all!

Time for the next L&L promotion and also because this year is my 10th year at L&L (and CM too!)

So how does this work?

It's simple, because I love simplicity!

You share your highs and lows, the good and the bad you had with me or our brands in this topic (Through story telling or screenshots, etc). After you send me a PM with your username and I'll give you a tailored bonus/cash/free spins offer in return.

Bonus points are given if you leave a Trustpilot review for All British ;)

Some terms:
- You need to have an active CM account prior before this post is published.
- You need to have an (open) account at one of our brands in order to be credited the tailored bonus.
- Tailored bonus terms (if applicable) are shared by PM.
- I don't see other blockers but terms might be updated if i sense abuse ;)
- Promotion will end for sure on 31/12/2023

Lets go!

Kr. Jan
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L&L Casino Group is an award winning casino group at Casinomeister
I will not qualify for the rewards because I haven't played at your casino in a long time but I will still post.
I started slot gambling at land based casinos and they only had Playtech games. Then I got introduced to online casino like betway and omini in 2017 but they did not have a lot of providers. I had seen a few positive reviews of Yeti casino and decided to give it a try. The casino did not allow bonus to be claimed with Skrill/ Neteller and I remember using this Visa method called Entropay. It was a hassle free experience and I took the first deposit bonus with 100 free spins on starburst. After that I never got a chance to play at your casino because Entropay got shutdown. Visa cards from my location get declined and Skrill/ Neteller do not qualify for bonus. I like to play with bonus as they give you a cushion.
My experience at Yeti was great. I had never seen so many providers at one place ever. The bonus and wager requirements were also low and games paid good. Couldn't manage a cash out though.
I think my first use of L&L was probably Yako a few years back - and from then on I played on Fun casino and also to a lesser degree Allbritish.

Always had a good experience of L&L sites mostly, since joining Fun and a lesser degree Allbritish. Funnily my very first experience of L&L was Yako a number of years back now ,and I found the site really slow at the time and found it fiddly experience. Ive been back since for a nosey and found its far better than it was!

Fun im familiar with the most but have played a couple times in the past on the other sites but its been a while. Don't think Ive really had any lows as such, or particularly highs! But I've always had good playtime when I have played, and enjoyed the selection of games available to me and always found something good to play - again mostly on Fun. Maybe I should give AB a go some more :)

As for @L&L-Jan , the few times we've communicated, always been pretty quick to respond/help with any questions I've had, and has always done great L&L promos in here :) Well done reaching 10 years at L&L!
Well where to start.....

Firstly an explanation and somewhat public and somewhat embarrassing apology maybe??

I sit out of a lot of the promotions on here these days from freebie to screenshot based ones, anything rarely I join in these days?

Why? - Well its simple really, save along boring story, here is the shorter version lol.....My 3 jobs became 2 and then earlier this year my 2 jobs became one..... Hence disposable income shrinks, priorities take over and my gambling budget is greatly reduced from what it was years back and hence my deposits and activity reduce.

My first experience of L&L was years back and at All British Casino, nothing compared to most BUT as a low roller, I did make regular deposits back then, mostly taking free spin offers and deposit matches but also some cash only play too.

If you exclude luck then nothing bad to say lol, site always ran smoothly, I was never raging through my 10th disconnect of the session (remembers Guts on Everymatrix lol) and when it came to verification, IIRC this took minutes on chat rather than days which was impressive and all BEFORE I "met" Jan too :p :p

In fact, as I type this, something else sprang to mind, I'm pretty sure when I first joined ABC, at that time, they only had Netent slots, geez how these guys have grown since then eh :eek:

Jan appeared on here not long before as described I had to reduce my deposit activity but during our occasional dealing, I have to say he has been more than generous towards me and as a very, VERY rare depositor still looked out for me, which of course I totally and genuinely appreciate :thumbsup:

Honesty time here, I do have a small playing pot from time to time but tend to stick to one place which I won't mention here, why don't I play some at ABC you ask, well I'd love to swap things around like I did in the good old days, really I would but am scared these days, blame the bloody UKGC and their OTT SoW regulations.

One good thing I love about this group, despite rarely being able to take advantage of them is their pretty decent offers I get via email most Tuesdays and Fridays, despite the aforementioned UKGC and their ever tightening rules, I do feel the offers these guys send out are pretty decent still. See offers up to 50% deposit matches with (I think) 35xB wagering, pretty good in this day and age as well as 100 / 150 FS offers for just £20 deposits.

Having Jan around CM is also great, not just that I've read so many threads where problems are solved very quickly with your/his help but also his sense of humour is awesome, right up my street (did that guy ever PM you his username lol :p :p) seeing a rep participate in the screenshot section is also really good to see.

All the best and cheers for this promotion - PM sent.

Ps: I have included my username and personal details in the PM - Are you sure the neighbours and that can't see them and my name won't be on the 6 O Clock news please?
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I was never really able to play at L&L Casino's for some reason, although i may have tested one or two of them that are now in the group. All i know is ever since Jan joined up, they became a worthwhile choice! So i'm still here waiting till he sends me a P.M. telling me they are back in the Dutch market: i'll instantly sign up and will most likely end up making it my 'hometown' - and all this is based purely on my interactions with Jan here, and elsewhere :)

So, although not having a real experience with the brand(s), definitely experienced the brand-ambassador! Hope they stick around for a long time, and one day soon i'll be able to legit join all these fun comps!

Best of luck to you all, and big cheers to you @L&L-Jan !!
I will not qualify for the rewards because I haven't played at your casino in a long time but I will still post
Change of terms: Ill decide if you qualify ;) Send PM :)
Well here goes from me although annoyingly jono has already said some of what I was going to say so I will try my best not to be a parrot.

My first experience of L&L was All British Casino, and moderately recently. Being a moderate roller, was having complex SOW issues, so joined one from here while that was being sorted and went with ABC.

I found the site ran pretty smoothly, great selection of games and my only gripe was I found the layout a bit clunky a first but got used to it and the search for games etc. However no issues using a bank card, and verifying was quick and painless.

Having Jan on here is a massive advantage for players as there is nothing better than a solid point of call when things can go a bit south, and let’s face it they can in the strangest of ways, and we all know what a live help loop can be like on any casino. I have not had much call to interact with him much personally, but on the odd occasion he has been a great help, and more to the point a great asset to his brand, CM, and players that interact with him here.

One of the promotions at ABC is 10% cash back on losses which is quite good if you have a bad session or like me several! you get some no strings attached extra playtime or even just take the cash back to your bank, if it’s above the min withdrawal of course.

I can’t comment on other bonuses like 100% matches etc as never use those sort, but have heard from other users that they reasonable as well.

So with all this good stuff at ABC, I play there all the time yes? Well, no I don’t because like all gamblers will know some casinos are luckier than others, and I just haven’t hit there despite trying many times and losing enough to be worried about the dreaded SOW trigger around every corner lol

If you have never played at ABC and are looking for a well run, no nonsense casino it’s definitely worth a look, and just maybe you’ll get lucky and win my money! :D

All the best and thanks for this promotion - PM on its way ?
Oh @L&L-Jan , where to begin...

I will try and keep this short and sweet unless the number of words is directly proportionate to the awarded bonus, in which case, I can ramble, as many are aware :thumbsup:

I stopped playing at L&L because of my long-standing hissy fit with casinos dropping RTP. Now that I only have MrQ, I should probably return and use their brands for my selective Max RTP gaming, as I do with LeoVegas, Videoslots, and Unibet.

Jan gives us low-rollers the VIP treatment we can't get elsewhere. Besides the regular Casinomeistter competitions, which I have personally done very well from, if there was ever a problem, Jan would fix it.

Where else can you get the kind of service that Jan gives without being a VIP? His willingness to help out CM members is widely known and massively underestimated, in my opinion. I would say the biggest complaint players have is being ignored when things go wrong - with Jan and CM, you get the personal touch. And 10% cashback on lost deposits is not to be sniffed at (do you still do that?).

I will hit up Trust Pilot because, through the highs and the lows, you've been a good sport and deserve it.

Congrats on your 10-year Anniversary! A true achievement Jan. These boomers don't do 10 weeks at a company anymore. Here's to another 10! (if you can't retire before ?)
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Nice one Jan and good luck to all who participate.

I had a year of bad luck across L & L brands so don't really play much at all these days, just wanted to comment as it's nice to see a promotion open to all, not many around these days ...and yes I do still loiter :laugh:
well to bad i dont have a positive think to say :( meant to and did join the brand 3 years ago, did a few deposits at Race but when i did a withdrawal and tried to verify myself it was impossible, as Jan might remember :)
might be now dont know maybe ill try again as Jan seems to be a stand out guy around the place :)
Well i would like to say extremely well done to the group for the big 10 years and my experience with the group has generally been extremely positive. Anytime there has been an issue Jan is on hand to sort it out or guide you in the right direction.
The website has improved dramatically and the payout speeds have improved no end.
Game selection is also top notch though one of my favs of all time The Finer Reels Of Life seems to have been hibernated.

Keep up the great work and roll on the next 10.
Thanks in advance for the reward.
For some reason I can't reply to your PM but check FunCasino, I've also send reset pw email as the account was locked due to 5 failed login attempts.
Thanks guys, all PMs are answered and comp credited!
Nice one Jan and good luck to all who participate.

I had a year of bad luck across L & L brands so don't really play much at all these days, just wanted to comment as it's nice to see a promotion open to all, not many around these days ...and yes I do still loiter :laugh:
I demand PM with username dear :)
Well its that long ago I first Signed up to an L&L brand Casino, I'm not even sure which one it was, but slowly signed up to all (I assume) but now only really play on ABC and Yako.

The highlights I can remember, hopefully chronologically are: December 2020 - Hitting Happy Holidays Hot mode at Race, when I'd been on an dreadful run for a few months, and this win seemed to trigger a winning streak just in time for Christmas (see Video I made for YouTube), (and started my obsession with getting a Hot Mode close to Christmas every year which I've so far not failed in doing) it also briefly put me top of the leader board you can see in the screenshot, but sadly I was pushed out of places over the month. I guess one criticism of these Tournaments is, you cannot see what X Win you need to achieve to hit the top, suppose its stops people being put off if it seems unachievable. Great to see these monthly tournaments are now 40p min stake though so more can get involved.


Another Highlight was playing in the Return Of Kong Halloween special tournament, and subsequently getting through the wagering of the rather too generous bonus @L&L-Jan had given for taking part, thanks to this WildLine on WTB after only having £1.39 left in the balance. A low point was having WTB removed from all L&L Brands, though Jan has explained why.

Love the fact NoLimitCity are full fat RTP on L&L brands, where I used to mainly play Mental, and get some mega hits such as below on ABC.



More recently though my love affair with Mental was soured when I finally rolled in the Mental bonus organically after hundreds of thousands of spins, only for it to pay 259x, this was during the Lottomart vs L&L competition on CM. I though i had biggest x Win in the bag till the end of the bonus,



Stepping back slightly a low point was getting SoW checked, and not playing for almost a year, till Jan kindly PM'd me and helped me through the situation and got me back up and running. The weekly bonus offers make L&L brands a great place to play, but the 10% Cashback is more important to me. And of course having an ever present Jan here in case we have any issues, and the Promo's he runs, plus seeing his megabucks stake (well to me £4 is mega stakes) screenshots.

Present day the biggest highlight is getting PayPal back as a deposit option, so I can keep my banking accounts clean and tidy.


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Ok where do I start

First GG,s on 10 years hope it was a fast 10 years :D

1st before the brand I have to say what a fantastic job you do as a representative on here, You are by far IMO the most active,decent and top guys on here.

I remember few years ago now you messaged me about some shit that was going on regarding me and few other "Now banned" members and you asked me If I was coming to the Meet up in london and I said no as I couldn't afford it and you offerd to pay for my train to and from london which I kindly declined as I would of felt awfull im not that kind of person to take advantage of others kindness.

You have also Helped me more than any other rep on here, That being said its probs cause im with like 8 of your sites ? but even when live chat was being a pain in the ass you always dealt with the issue on here and go out your way to credit bonus ect. So thank you !!

Back to the casinos :laugh:

I am with 8 of your brands, Which Id say i use 3/4 now days mainly

Pub ABC and Hyper

Each week fantastic bonus offers and also Free No depo generous free spins.

I have some of my biggest ever wins from your brand which include the following below

View attachment 190155

Cons: Only one main one and that was with ID and how it took me having to message you on here to sort it out when live chat could of easily do it. I feel sometimes live chat can be abit slow and not always understand the Questions its being asked.

OH and the time I argued and lost my rag with live chat cause once again they didnt understand there own rules and had to message you AGAIN to sort it. Was when I had 100 free spins at 0.10p that didnt credit and they was telling me that they was gonna give me £1 instead when I told them its the vaule of the spins and they said no its the bet level which is 1p times how many spins so £1. Even thou every other time it was the spins vaule.

Pros. Fast and smooth websites
Fantastic Rep
Fast Cashout less than 24 hours "could be faster like VS where its minutes would play more if this was the case"
You do not take the piss with RTP " that much "
Fair and safe casino
Nice layouts

L&L Casino Group is an award winning casino group at Casinomeister

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