Celebrating 10 years L&L - Members promotion!

Very font memories of L&L and specially win jan over the last 10 years

first was related to all Irish casino that was funny a bit too they had rule of not bet more than 10% of bonus balance in single spin not a strange rule those days but the problem is that its strictly followed i remember my balance was .8 and got warning when i i played .10 spins it was not possible to make below .9 spins those days , i stll remember the argument with CS and mail those days but couldn't convince them , if i remember correctly i was banned from using bonus but i didn't know jan that time

then i made a ca shout from L&L and there was a big issue with verification they dont approve DL from my country and i dint have a passport , i couldn't find a solution for this by that time jab was active here and he sprayed some magic dust and they made an exception for me and accepted the licence, and i have to provide a pic holding my ID which is also strange that time and now a days becoming common. remember jan is having a pretty busy time also an attack of flu that time so it took time to settle it and he also gave me something nice for the delay ,that was awesome was in 2015 i guess

then again in 2020 , i wanted to join hyper and they didn't give SUB on neteller deposit i had only that option , here come jan again he made the exception and bonus was allowed for neteller i played there a fair bit. they after some time there was some issue with neteller and im unable to continue , then i took a break too

didn't played there for last couple of years still get a mil every friday bit as its usually 100fs on small deposit i didn't use them

always have font memories of Jan and L&L and may be its time to back :) , this is a guy we can trsut and he keep to his word

saying all this remember i really miss those wonderful years those good days where slots were awesome
MG viper was awesome, good rep with andy @ betat, mark 32 red , alex from casumo, eric casino lucky, tony @Guts norbert @energy ,rachel @trada really golden years <3


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L&L Casino Group is an award winning casino group at Casinomeister
All pending PMs from yesterday and today have been answered!

For those who played, besides @Reelsoffun - anyone had to confirm, during their session, you're not a bot? I think our cyber security suite is a bit anal, so to say :) but need more examples to find fix.
All pending PMs from yesterday and today have been answered!

For those who played, besides @Reelsoffun - anyone had to confirm, during their session, you're not a bot? I think our cyber security suite is a bit anal, so to say :) but need more examples to find fix.

Not me mate, ran as smooth as, only pop ups were the RG ones every now and then.

Won't be buying the Ferrari just yet but plenty of play time over past 2 days with no fuss and not one complaint at all.

No cash out but loads of 5OAK and bonuses on DoA and even enjoyed it like the good old days.

Only just bust out but mega happy with the game time I got and of course the generous bonus :thumbsup:
Don't recall any issues yesterday when I was playing.

Managed to last a few hours with the bonus and had some good playtime playing some games i might not normally have - so thanks for that again Jan. :)
My first experience with L & L casino's was with Yeti. Was only a small deposit (20 pound) but after wagering the bonus i somehow managed to withdraw over a grand. Had a bit of a mission with the ID but that was my fault as i had moved (support were very helpfull and it got sorted). I have played at PUB/All British/Yako and Hyper and have had no issues with withdrawing. I do have 2 minor gripes though. For some reason blueprints seem to love crashing and the annoying cash amount in the top left that ruins if you have a win or not incomming due to the change in value. I however find that the bonus terms aint too bad unlike some casinos (Jumpman) and they also have the joint best rep on here :) So come the weekend i will have my weekly flutter at either Yeti/AB or PUB..... or maybe lottomart if im feeling fruity :)
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I do have nice experience with L&L brands, specially with @L&L-Jan as he helped many times.

I had some issues with kyc and he sorted out very quickly. Being playing in Yako, Fun, Hyper and Race casinos and I love their promotions but what I dislike is the promo thing as one week Iam eligible the next I don't, which I really can't understand why is that.

Jan as always help many times for that but this few months same thing is happening. Jan thanks for this promo which is really great ?
Congrats Jan on 10 years!!
Great Rep and a huge asset to all here at Casinomeister. Always quick to reply to any questions, super helpful and even helps out with other brands/reps.
Lots of respect for you Jan you always go above and beyond any other brand.
Here’s to another 10 years ?


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I've been a member of YakoCasino for years and I don't believe I've ever had a serious issue.

In an age when technology frequently fails, that's nice - and it allows me to focus on my entertainment.

Congrats on 10 years @L&L-Jan.

Perhaps one day I'll have need to reach out.
I have been playing for several years in All British Casino, Pub Casino, Yako Casino,Yeti Casino, Fun Casino, Casino Casino and Race Casino. It's simply the best place to play for me. There are insanely many slots and providers, very easy to navigate the site.Not to mention bonuses from free spins - both with deposit and without deposit. Before entering the casinomeister site, I was just playing with 80 pounds received from 50 free no deposit on the game 24k Dragon in All British.I play with bonuses all the time, I have rolled them many times. Really a wonderful place to play.

I have sent you my details in a private message
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Congratz on the milestone! I have a fond memory of Race Casino in 2021, when you still advertised / offered bonuses to Finnish players, and I managed to hit some nice hits with my welcome bonus :) I think the specific slot was Wild Frames? I hit consecutive big hits on it within like an hour or two of playing :D

I also remember having very little experience with any casino sites other than the few I played at prior to joining, and I was genuinely surprised to see how simple, yet good the whole process was, from claiming the bonus, to withdrawing wagered funds. Really left a positive feeling for me.

I’d hope that brands like L&L’s could advertise to Finnish players again like in the past. I really don’t understand why our govt. was so insistent to go through with the gambling law ”reform.”
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Well done Jan always great work going above and beyond to resolve anything player related.

Well where do I start I've had some incredible wins on both All British and Fun Casino. Including over 2000x bet on Rick Morty Megaways, Extra Chilli, Vikings Unleashed, Dragonfall. 3000x on Tombstone, other wins less than 1000x and the max win on Book of Dead!

I still regularly play on these two casinos and Jan kindly puts something in my sccount on my birthday! I am thrilled we have sports betting on here now too! (Don't ban me when a wild bet builder eventually hits) ??. Would love card player bookings in play.. love counting the fouls and quickly betting on the card incoming even predicted sendings off before...

Heres to 10 more years Jan you deserve it. Have no idea where all the win pics are but, heres some I do have. ?


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Couple more from Slingo Davinci Diamonds(fans of dead or alive should try this) 5 scatters off inital stake(8 spins) can do thousands x bet. Also had other slingo wins here on Slingo Bakers Bonanza, Slingo Starburst & Slingo Deadliest catch..


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L&L Casino Group is an award winning casino group at Casinomeister

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