Tips Canada - Vanilla Pre-Paid MasterCard BS


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Feb 4, 2022
Well Vanilla Pre-paid cards ( i.e People’s Trust) are up their old tricks again.

For those that know and have used these cards about 3 or 4 years ago they allowed payments to casinos, then they prevented them on the normal cards, but they then released a Gaming /Gambling specific card with of course a bigger fee.

Now I found out that they have released new batch of cards in the exact same packaging same costs; yet these new gaming casino cards cannot be used at Casinos !! Shakes Head.! I called support for Vanilla got somewhere in the Philippines and they were nothing but useless claiming it’s the merchant ; as you can see picture on the left - this works at casinos , one on the right doesn’t !!

As these are sealed i’m going to try work out how you can tell the diff and will update when can.

Also if anyone in the card processing industry or casinos able to advise on tech level which indicators have changed on the card.

Working cards prefix - 5219 6104 ***

Bunk Cards Prefix - 5203 5600 ***

So I got burnt yesterday and after buying card and paying $8 for fees - Had to buy Flexepin and due to card balance and fees to get most out of balance i had another $9.50 lost in fees.

@Team.Videoslots @BitStarz - I made payments on both these casinos both cards on left work, cards on right denied.

Both cards did work on BCLC playnow though….

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Bml casinos were the only ones that accepted my Christmas gift card which was a non gaming vanilla visa crap card. 8$ fee for 150$ lol

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