Can this be proven?


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Ok, it is a LONG read, but you can get the basics in the first 5-6 paragraphs.

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I was wondering if anyone here, (especially Bryan) could comment on these allegations. Or if they knew of any other resources that could name the worst (if true) offenders, other then the main one listed in the story.

I am not certain who set up this site, but I am waiting on the next update, and hoping they provide proof of the allegations, other then simple "a friend of an affiliate did this, and they got screwed"


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There is no proof to the allegations, I am willing to bet.

Years ago this guy had a deal with Cryptologic go bad and the net is full of the indentical stuff about them.

Not sure what his beef with Party is, but I would be very surprised if he ever came up with any facts whatsoever.

There are a couple of threads about this at CAP, but I can't point you to them, CAP is down with some tech issues right ow.


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That was an interesting read, Bryan. :D


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This guy is well known in the industry for his virulent attacks on all sorts of people and companies - I recall his longtime vendetta against Starnet/World Gaming and Cryptologic to name just two. When he was running casinos he had a reputation for changing gambling softwares more than most at that time - Starnet, Cryptologic, Diamond, Innoco - not sure what he's running currently.

His allegations are rarely objective.

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