Resolved Bohocasino withdrawal issues(softswiss)


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Jan 17, 2017
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Hi is there a rep here for the softswiss lisences? Hollycorn N.V?

Having issues with bohocasino they keep canceling my withdrawals saying i need to withdraw back to my card. Thats fine and all but there is no such avalible option in the cashier. Not even bank withdrawal.

So they insist i use something called mifinity. So i open a mifinity account but then they cancel again saying i need to withdraw to card. 3 times i sent screenshots of the cashier screen and explaining to them. Again they insist of mifinity.

I asked if they could atleast let me withdraw in bitcoin since this was avalible in cashier but no..

If there is a rep here is there any way i can get my money to my card,bank account or via bitcoin? I dont understand why they keep insisting mifinity when i didd not deposit with it. I have two pending withdrawals now 25000 and 8000 NOK. If the rep can help please.

Played in allot of casinos under these softswiss lisences and usually its very fast verification and cashouts. Never had any issues before now.

Can someone help me tag the softswiss rep?
I see you PM'ed me, okay it's also an option, but please note I'm not a rep and not dealing with player complaints myself (nor I really want or have time). But let it be CM MAGIC :D
@videoslotheaven , my assistant and I do the PAB (Player ArBitration) service here at Casinomeister and would be happy to help you out if you're interested. Always free and we have a very good relationship with the SoftSwiss guys. We're usually able to get issues resolved within a few days, assuming nothing unusual like multiple accounts or suchlike.

The PAB process starts here: Submit Your Online Casino Complaint - Casinomeister

We hope to see you there!

Max Drayman
Player Arbitration (PAB) Manager,
Excellent! Happy to hear it.

@videoslotheaven , please see your PAB Ticket. There are some closing questions I'd appreciate a response to.

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