Poll Best TV Show Themed Slots?

Best TV Show Themed Slots?

  • Game of thrones by Microgaming

    Votes: 7 26.9%
  • The Pink Panter by Playtech

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • South Park by Netent

    Votes: 9 34.6%
  • Top Cat by Blueprint

    Votes: 1 3.8%
  • Dear or No Deal World Slot

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Another not llisted here ( please post your choice)

    Votes: 9 34.6%

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Jul 22, 2016
I think South Park is the one everyone knows, but Blueprint do make some excellent licensed games, so that would include Topcat, Count Duckula, Ted etc.

The Family Guy one looks well-made too, although I had about 10 spins on it in total :eek2:

GoT is probably the worst licensed game I've ever played. Were it not for it playing the main theme tune throughout, and people's affinity towards the show, it would be on par with Spectra or Starburst for shiteness :D

Vikings & the upcoming Narcos both seem pretty authentic. Actually seems like Netent have nailed TV shows pretty well :cool:
Vikings is the daddy of this category the bonus game is supreme pity it's so difficult to hit! And a mention to American Dad/Flintstones/Batman Playtech slots. All fun and varying potential :)
I do have a clear favourite, one that has yet to be mentioned. And that is BSG. More or less because it is the only one that I have played on a regular basis.

I'm also a little bit surprised that Star Trek has not been mentioned (despite never having played any of them), but that might be because Jono has not commented yet.

Based purely on how much I have played them, my Top 5 would probably be....

1. BSG
2. GOT
3. Pink Panther
4. I'm A Celeb (I'm sorry Mr. D, feel free to "get me out of here" for causing you any stress)
5. South Park

Vikings is pretty decent, Top Cat and Count Duckula are OK. And maybe WWTBAM.

Family Guy, TED and Inspector Gadget don't look bad, but any time I see The Bandit or CraigDaniel play these games on one of their vids,
they seem to struggle mightily. And that's enough to put me off playing them.
Agree with a lot that is said here, and i also like a lot of these slots, but i really like Netent's Vikings..
Definitely one slot that totally fit the series. Slightly Dark and exciting, and aside from the lure of great plunder, you'll find yourself robbed by the ruthless Vikings instead :p

Game of Thrones is probably a close second. Still a captivating 243 way i play from time to time. And i personally also like to play Planet of the Apes. I think it's a bit underrated t.b.h. It's pretty hardcore as well, but if you pay it every now and then, you may be in for a treat: when that slot gets in a good mood the abundance of features are quite entertaining, and besides that the visuals are pretty damn cool too! I think Netent is so far the one with the best graphics across the board, Blueprint takes an honorable 2nd place for me:)

I expect a lot more Branded Games in the near future, as more and more big (Movie&Music) brands and other companies involved with creative licences see the potential and merit the gambling market has..

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