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Sep 6, 2022
Evening I’ll try and keep this succinct.

Had a malfunction on Big Bass Bonanza (PP slot) where in bonus round it failed to add 10 of 20 free spins .

Reported immediately and logged for investigation- 60 days later I am sent a url link with a replay on, no details on this (player ID, time, spin ref etc all what’s on your normal slot). Also the wrong game and without any info on this could be any players replay. Categorically told that this url link is my bonus replay and NO OTHER REPLAYS EXIST AT ALL. I was told twice that with absolute certainty this replay was my bonus round, a statement that a VS advisor cannot substantiate given the lack of evidence to support this, their comment back was “our partner has no reason to send us the wrong replay”.

I then discover Pragmatic Replay, a function which was not present, removed or hidden from players. Had this been there it would have proven my issue at a few seconds after the issue. During the 60 days it took to find a url replay no operator (approx 12-15 in that period), videoslot or the game provider made ref to or mentioned this feature, why would this be when they would be well aware?

Only when I mentioned it it was acknowledged, and the next time I log in, as if by magic the features there on that slot showing all history. The PP replays on there show no details as they are linked to account logged in. So again the replay could be anyones round that I was sent. I mean 60 days to obtain something I expected 48 hours maximum, then it to be the wrong game and fault I reported and contain no details was very strange.

Reported to IBAS, the missing replay feature was the further added to case some 4 week after the initial filing, we are now 17 weeks into this and no response from IBAS.

My belief is, and I’ve had nothing to counter this, that the slot malfunctioned and this was picked up by VS. Then followed a 60 day delay to do any work needed before supplying a replay to me. I do not believe the replay is mine, as it was not the game I reported, nor the malfunction reported and no data showing my details or anything related supports it being mine, no metadata provided. The pragmatic replay function had been either been removed or hidden on the slot. Despite VS, Pragmatic Play and their staff being aware of this feature no one mentioned this during the entire investigation. This is a feature made available to support players and providers in these instances. I believe this was knowing disabled and the fact this wasn’t mentioned during the whole investigation says this was done to benefit or protect VS and or PP. the fact that this appeared within a day of reporting this to IBAS adds further to my suspicion it was fine to protect them. I firmly believe that false details were provided misrepresenting a malfunction that went on to pay the player a substantial sum.

If I sent VS a replay of a £50,000 slot win and it had no details on but I stated that this just happened to me, would they simply accept this and pay out? We know the answer.

If this feature had been disabled by them and as part of their “thorough investigation” not referenced this at all then knowingly lied to me as evidently there was another replay available to them, this can only be done for one reason.

Finally at the point the missing feature was mentioned to them they offered to investigate this for me. I politely declined saying they had already carried out a lengthy thorough investigation into this and the feature would have formed part of that, as you have exhausted your internal complaints procedure giving your final answer and referring me to IBAS there is no reason for you to look into anything. This was passed to VS and IBAS very early July so potentially this is the delay in the case.

Any thoughts
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Big Bass Bonanza does not support Pragmatic Replay. It was only added to their top games released prior to it launching in January 2021, and all games since then.

BBB was released December 2020 so didn't make the cut at the time it was developed.
The game that I believe I played at the time was BBB. They provided the replay showing the played game was actually bigger bass bonanza (5 reel).

The function was not present on the slot when I reported issue but the moment they and IBAS were made aware of the feature it appeared on the slot game on their website. I can only assume the bigger bass game fits you timescale above?

To this day they (operators, videolsots or the game operator they sent the issue to) have never acknowledged or made any reference to the replay feature. When I reported the issue any operator would surely say “that’s a pragmatism game have you tried the replay feature”. If it’s was big BB I’d played them the feature as you say wouldn’t be there so they wouldn’t mention it, but that would mean they would be unable to now add it to the feature now.

So if it was bigger BB I played then the fact they have never made ref to this feature makes me suspicious, on top of it only appearing on the slot on the day I reported it to IBAS. Why would it then take 60 days to send me the replay I asked for on the day of reporting. Baring in mind also that the now live feature on the game shows the exact round and replays for the day I reported the issue, so all along the feature was working on the day as it recorded the round.

Unless of course the replay they sent me after 60 days (with no player info, id, date, time, balance info on) was actually a replay of someone else’s and they had to add the feature to the game when IBAS were aware so they had to link the game data to the replay they provided of another players.

IBAS are still investigating this 21 weeks on and are awaiting further information again from VS. I have a feeling and no evidence to the contrary that something they did isn’t right
Can’t say I’ve noticed Pragmatic Replay on BBB in forever, and that’s one of my most played games. I think the replay function isn’t available on UKGC-regulated instances of the game. I’ve seen it available elsewhere.
Hi Dan

To me it wasn’t there at the time or I presume I’d have noticed it at some point of playing it prior. It’s quite a distinct icon, and the fact the operator that took my complaint didn’t make ref to it edges me towards it not being there.

I then checked the game with another operator after reading about the feature and it was there showing my previous results. Back to VS, same game and missing. At this point I asked why it was missing and they said “oh we can investigate this with the games provider if you want”. I declined this as they had already done a “thorough” investigation into a replay of my bonus round and had at no point ever made any reference to it.

At this point i had also made IBAS aware and they wrote the following day stating they had requested further info from VS (not sure if thats related to this point or not) and awaited their response. This was over 100 days ago.

On my next log in after this the replay function is sat on the slot, when opened it shows my last wins, including the round in question.

Three weeks ago they wrote saying they again further requested info from them and await them again. Something doesn’t add up

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