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Mar 31, 2005
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Okay so this morning I check my webmaster tools and lo and behold I have over 2000 links coming in from the domain onlinecasinoreviewer.download. See Attached screenshot.

On visiting one of the many pages listed in WMT, it shows content from bestofallcasinos.com. Upon viewing the source of any of the onlinecasinoreviewer.download pages, it shows actual content from my site. Hence serving up to the search engine bots my content but in essence cloaking it. As to you, I or any other RL person, we are then shown the page from bestofallcasinos.com - Which features several casinos from AffPower among others.

The pages on onlinecasinoreviewer.download is iframing bestofallcasinos.com

So basically, what we have here is content theft on a large scale judging by the report in my Webmaster Tools and no doubt a nice dollop of Negative Seo to my own site onlinecasinoreviewer.com. I also attach source code from one of the onlinecasinoreviewer.download pages showing the scraped content from my site it is showing the search engine bots.

The Casinos Listed on that site are:

CasinoLand - - Affiliate Land
Yako Casino - L & L Malta - I have contacted their Rep Ryan
Casino Company - AffPower!
Park Lane Casino - AffPower!
Cash Pot Casino - Affpower!

I expect Ryan and L & L to do the right thing ASAP. Can anyone point me in the direction of CasinoLand.

Well this certainly to me anyhow looks like a co-ordinated campaign from the scum at AffPower to take down my site and also benefit from my own hard work. Well I know you visit Casinomeister and will read this thread, so I have news for you. You have just seriously pissed me off.



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May 22, 2012
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Casinoland is an MT Secure Trade site, so you may find some joy with the Guts/Rizk rep or their affiliate rep. I think they got their mates in Israel and Russia bombing your site by the look of things. A flaw in Google too. :mad: