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They are all one of the same. GameTech Group as well documented on CM own the AffPower Casinos such as Smashing Casino, Parklane Casino, Cashpot Casino to name but three. Then back in July 2017, in this thread New UK OceanBets/Affpower Sites? it transpires that the same group own and run newly UKGC licensed

For proof, @ThePOGG posted this screenshot in April 2018, showing that BCasino was referenced on the OceanBets casino site. A bit of an oversight there, hey?


Well the owners of these clipjoint casinos are either behind the hacking of hundreds if not thousands of hacked websites, whereby scraped and stolen content is used and injected into these unsuspecting sites. They then redirect either to a doorway page setup on the 'hacked' site or redirect to a site which has been set up either by the owners of Gametech or a rogue affiliate of their properties, such as xxxx -

All promoting a selection of shitty casinos controlled and owned by the Gametech Group. Many of these pages have been set up using stolen content, mine included. With the main purpose to try and get the site where the stolen content has been taken from, penalised by the Panda Algorithm in google. My site is not the only site being hit with this technique and obviously by the same group.

This leads me to ask a couple of questions:

1) If this is a 'rogue' affiliate, why have they not been shut down?

2) How can the UKGC fine the likes of 32Red, 888, Will Hill, yet license a casino in the form of which is part of this group that does the above? In short turning a blind eye to copyright theft and hacking of other people's websites?

The UK Media is vociferous at the current time concerning all things gambling. Particularly newspaper publications such as The Guardian. I wonder what they would make of the above.....niceonot.jpg
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