September 2021 PAB Summary

Casino Status Jurisdiction PAB Type Comments
1XBet         Waiting for Response Curaçao 1668/JAZ KYC

Issue summary: Player says they deposited almost a month ago but still can’t play or be refunded the deposit as they are in document verification limbo.

Conclusion: Case in progress.

Barbados Casino In Progress Malta (MGA) Other

Issue summary: Player reports the casino closed their account — and thereby denied access to the balance — claiming “responsible gambling concerns” which the player denies were justified.

Conclusion: In progress.

BetDukes/ ProgressPlayLimited Waiting for Response UKGC Non-payment

Issue summary:Player made a series of deposits and withdrawals, then was asked to submit documents and their account was verified. Afterwards, they made a withdrawal request that has now been “pending” for 11+ days.

Conclusion: Case in progress.

Casino360 Waiting for Response Curaçao 365/JAZ Other

Issue summary: Player says that after their account was verified, the casino then said they’d been linked to another account and asked questions about it. The player said they had no idea what that was about and that the casino had subsequently become unresponsive.

Conclusion: Case in progress.

Dendera Casino On hold Curaçao – Unspecified Non-payment

Issue summary: Player says they have been waiting over two weeks for their withdrawal.

Conclusion: Case in progress.

Highway Casino KYC Vetteman64 On hold To Be Determined TBD

Issue summary: So far the player has only asked if we know this casino. A withdrawal is taking overly long and they are getting concerned.

Conclusion: Player wants to wait a bit to see if the casino comes through, case is on hold until we hear back.

Intertops Resolved None/Unspecified T&C Dispute

Issue summary: Player says casino has attempted to apply a rule retroactively in order to void all their winnings — and then became unresponsive.

Conclusion: The player’s balance has been returned and they have been paid their withdrawal.

Jackwin Closed UKGC KYC

Issue summary: Player made deposits from a joint account; casino will not pay withdrawal.

Conclusion: Player has raised their case with the UKGC which supersedes anything we might say or do: case closed.

LeoVegas In Progress To Be Determined Non-payment

Issue summary: Player says they registered and were verified, won and tried to withdraw but the casino confiscated their balance and closed their account.

Conclusion: Case in progress.

LeoVegas In Progress Malta (MGA) Other

Issue summary: Player says they were locked out of their account for using “bad words” in the chat.

Conclusion: In progress.

Planet 7 OZ Waiting for Response      
Redstag Casino In Progress None/Unspecified KYC

Issue summary: Player feels casino’s rejection of their documentation is unfair.

Conclusion: Case in progress. Waiting for Response      
evobet In Progress To Be Determined Bonus

Issue summary: Player says that casino cancelled their withdrawal and winnings accusing them of “Collusion, Cheating, Fraud and Criminal Activity”.

Conclusion: Case in progress Waiting for Response Malta (MGA) Non-payment

Issue summary: Player says casino refused to pay winnings and offered to return deposit — then became unresponsive.

Conclusion: Casino has replied to say the player had an active bonus in place, the player disputes this: case in progress.

nogambling4u In Progress To Be Determined Non-payment

Issue summary: Player says they did not receive one of the withdrawals marked as “complete”.

Conclusion: In progress.

PAB Status Explanation

  • New: Default Status when a Complaint is opened
  • InProgress: we’re working on the case.
  • WaitingForResponse: the other party needs to reply to us before the case can proceed. In other words, the ball is in their court.
  • OnHold: For whatever reason we have stopped work and nothing is happening for the time being. That may change at some point in the future.
  • Resolved: Favorable to the User.
  • Closed: User’s Complaint was not successful.
  • Cancelled: Case was halted before a conclusion could be reached.