May 2021 PAB Summary

Casino Status Jurisdiction PAB Type Comments
21Casino Closed UKGC Other

Issue summary: Player says casino often tries to pay them via a previous card and that their account is now blocked.

Conclusion: This casino’s Terms state that the player must follow the complaints procedure specified in their Terms. Typically if all else fails, that will mean going to their designated ADR.

Betpat Casino Closed Curaçao 8048 /JAZ T&C Dispute

Issue summary: Player says casino has confiscated their winnings claiming Terms violation.

Conclusion: Player became unresponsive; case closed.

CASINOIN Closed Curaçao 1668/JAZ Source of Wealth

Issue summary: Player says casino promised SoW verification would take 5 days but that 10 have passed and no word yet.

Conclusion: Player has ignored the rules = PAB closed.

Casino Extreme In Progress Curaçao 1668/JAZ Bonus

Issue summary: Player says casino cancelled their winnings after they asked to change their email (problems with Yahoo blocking casino-related communications) and told them this “indicated false data when registering”.

Conclusion: The casino reversed itself and restored the player’s winnings. The player reports payment received, case closed.

Genesis Casino Waiting for Response Malta (MGA) Technical Issues (Software)

Issue summary: Player claims the casino’s software repeatedly caused errors and stopped him from getting proper results on his bets.

Conclusion: Case in progress

iNetBet EU Closed Curaçao – Unspecified T&C Dispute

Issue summary: Player assumed that once play-through was completed they could do as they wished with their balance, says casino declined withdrawal due to bonus Terms violation.

Conclusion: The player should have read the Terms and they would have known that they were supposed to cash out in order to close off the bonus Terms. Case closed.

Inetbet Resolved Curaçao – Unspecified Other

Issue summary: Player said the casino cancelled a withdrawal request and asked the player to withdraw via a different method. Player did that, results TBD.

Conclusion: The casino explained their reasoning and the player has long since been paid. Case closed.

Ivi Casino Resolved Curaçao 8048 /JAZ Non-payment

Issue summary: Player says they have been waiting two months for their withdrawal to be paid

Conclusion: The casino had proposed a payment plan, the player accepted, now a week later and still no payments received. It took a while, but the player confirms they have been paid in full.

LeoVegas Resolved Malta (MGA) Non-payment

Issue summary: Player says that after winnings mounted, the casino did not accept documents offered to verify the deposit method. They first froze and then closed their account and cancelled their winnings with no further explanation.

Conclusion: After negotiations between the casino and the player the player reported having received payment in full. Case closed.

LeoVegas Closed Malta (MGA) Other

Issue summary: Player says they have been locked out of their account and unable to access their balance for over two weeks for “security reasons”.

Conclusion: Player stopped responding to us so we had no choice but to close the case.

Locowin Casino Closed Malta (MGA) Other

Issue summary: Player says they sent an email requesting that their account be closed but the casino did not. The player wants subsequent deposits returned.

Conclusion: In our opinion sending an email is not grounds to assume that action has been taken. Emails get lost. Confirmation is when the recipient says “we confirm”. Case closed.

LunaCasino Closed UKGC Self-Exclusion

Issue summary: Player feels they should be considered eligible for a refund as they were allowed to sign up and deposit despite being registered with GamStop.

Conclusion: The casino has provided evidence to show that the player used significantly different details when they registered at the casino than when they registered at Gamstop. Gamstop only works if most or all of the player’s details are a match. Case closed.

Royal Panda Casino Resolved Malta (MGA) Non-payment

Issue summary: Player says casino told them twice that their payment was sent, then that it was not sent, then that it was sent. Player has yet to receive withdrawal.

Conclusion: Royal Panda is being taken over by LeoVegas so case details had to be sent to them. LV claims the player has now been paid, player did not respond to our multiple attempts to acquire confirmation.

Rubyslots Closed None/Unspecified Non-payment

Issue summary: Player says they submitted their documents and a withdrawal request three months ago; it took a month to get verified and they still have not been paid.

Conclusion: We asked the player a question; the player did not respond despite repeated attempts and waiting on our part. As per Player Arbitration Policies and Procedures, we have closed this case.

SkolCasino Resolved Malta (MGA) Other

Issue summary: Player says that casino only had problem with joint account deposit when they tried to make a withdrawal.

Conclusion: Casino showed that the player had been paid but the player never responded to confirm. Assuming Resolved and case closed.

SunPlay Closed UKGC Non-payment

Issue summary: Player says casino only asked if they were “comfortable with” their deposits after a “winning streak”; that the last withdrawal has not been paid and the casino has stopped communicating.

Conclusion: The casino insisted that the player take their issue to the designated ADR.

Sven-Play Resolved Malta (MGA) Non-payment

Issue summary: Player claims that after bonus play their balance has been deleted and their withdrawal not paid.

Conclusion: The casino finally did come through with the max withdrawal permitted on this bonus. Player wasn’t happy that most of their winnings go back to the casino but thems the breaks with max WD Terms. Case closed.

VegasBaby Closed UKGC Other

Issue summary: After a modest deposit and win the player tried to withdraw. KYC was accepted but player was told “account is under review”. Casino stopped responding.

Conclusion: Player did not respond to us. Case closed.

Wheelz In Progress Malta (MGA) Self-Exclusion

Issue summary: Player feels they should have been excluded across entire casino group.

Conclusion: In progress.

WinMonaco In Progress Curaçao – Unspecified Non-payment

Issue summary: Player claims that after winning, the casino closed their account.

Conclusion: Case in progress. In Progress Curaçao 365/JAZ Non-payment

Issue summary: Player says that despite KYC approval, their account is now blocked and their winnings still unpaid after two months.

Conclusion: The casino claims they were told by the UKGC to not accept UK players. Casino says they’ll refund the player’s deposits but the player says that hasn’t happened yet: case in progress.

Betway Closed Malta (MGA) Non-payment

Issue summary: Player says that despite providing documents, their account was closed and the casino has become unresponsive.

Conclusion: Casino only allows cases to be handled by their designated ADR. Closed Curaçao 1668/JAZ Other

Issue summary: Player says he lost his account info at the casino but wants to access the account.

Conclusion: Player posted repeatedly in the forum while case was in progress. As per our clearly stated procedures: case closed.

dafabet Closed Curaçao 8048 /JAZ Other

Issue summary: Player had been allowed to play from a restricted country, had been told they’d receive a full refund. That refund hasn’t been processed.

Conclusion: Player decided to take the issue elsewhere. Case closed.

Fun Casino Waiting for Response UKGC Source of Wealth

Issue summary: Player says they have not been verified despite providing a long list of documents and photos — “it’s impossible to satisfy their never ending requests”.

Conclusion: The casino has explained what is required for the player to complete the SOW process and it does not seem unreasonable. The case is still in progress. Closed Curaçao 1668/JAZ Other

Issue summary: Player says casino has told them they must turn over previous, unrelated deposits before they can make a withdrawal.

Conclusion: Player got tired of waiting and played their balance into a large amount. However the casino never replied so it’s “case closed”. A Casinomeister Warning will be posted against the casino for non-cooperation on player complaints.

SlotoCash Casino Resolved None/Unspecified Bonus

Issue summary: Player claims their payout has been denied and the casino is unresponsive.

Conclusion: Player has been paid.

PAB Status Explanation

  • New: Default Status when a Complaint is opened
  • InProgress: we’re working on the case.
  • WaitingForResponse: the other party needs to reply to us before the case can proceed. In other words, the ball is in their court.
  • OnHold: For whatever reason we have stopped work and nothing is happening for the time being. That may change at some point in the future.
  • Resolved: Favorable to the User.
  • Closed: User’s Complaint was not successful.
  • Cancelled: Case was halted before a conclusion could be reached.