Your biggest slot X wins of 2023 so far

They might be child’s play for other providers, but the top win I have had from a non BTG provider this whole year has been under 600x so im clearly doing something wrong???
48 hours later, another wild line!
Same thing happened again.
Made a deposit of £50 into Paddy Power 10 - 20 spins in first bonus did this.
On one of my hottest streaks ever at the moment. :thumbsup:

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I've never understood how some people seem to accumulate wild lines like candy on the DOA games. Best I've ever had in a bonus is 3 wilds (scattered, not linking).

Not moaning but it just feels like a Herculean feat as the engine is a master at keeping them off the screen!

But genuinely chuffed for you and.keep the streak going 👍😄
Same here, never had a wild line on either DOA1 or DOA2, despite playing tens of thousands of game rounds.

Same for pragmatic, many of my mates have good hits and few max wins yet I have never come close.

Some games are just consistently lucky for some people, I’m yet to find which games I’m consistently lucky on :mad:
Crypt - NLC - .40p 5000 x
DOA2 - .36p 10000 x
Pizza Pizza .40p 5000 x

2 of the above were at GoldenBet non UKGC, what a joy to have turbo spins and 1000 auto spins back, felt great...just a shame BTG aren't available to play on there.

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