Yeti Casino Verification/Withdrawl issues


Apr 7, 2022
Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire Council
Hi guys

I would like to discuss my ongoing issue with Yeti Casino.

So, i recently won 4.2K on Yeti Casion (yay me) and have been jumping through hoops to get my winnings.

Firstly i had to verify my account which is common practice these days for online casino's which i dont have a problem with.

So, i send them all the relevant documents via the website with the exception of photo id (dont have a up to date passport or driving licence). As such i contacted there online chat to see if they would accept my birth certificate which i have used previously for online casino's to verify my accounts. Thankful they said this was OK. I proceed to send them a picture of my birth certificate via the web chat and get told this will verify my account.

So i wait for a couple of days and get an email from another company they are affiliated with (yako casino) saying the payment was declined (used withdrawal method via my debit card). I goto the webchat and they ask for all of the documents again including a picture of my old passport, a selfy, another selfy with me holding up my birth certificate and a screenshot of my bank statement. After doing all this im told to withdraw via bank transfer. So i do this and im told to wait 3 working days.

The next day a goto my account and it confirms that my account is now verified (yay again).

After 4 days, i contact them again to get an update. They then ask me for another picture of my bank statement to verify my account although my account is already verified. So i again send this via webchat but they ask for this in a PDF format. I am obviously happy to oblige. Due to this, its going to take 24 hours to verify my account (although my account is already verified) and another 48 hours to complete the transaction.

I just wanted to share my experience with yeti casino. I will say however, the customer service was pretty good but after proving documents on several occasions, it has put a damper on my experience.

I am still waiting for my winnings 😪.

Kind regards

Yeti Casino is a vetted and Accredited casino at Casinomeister
Sounds like a scam casino, you need to PM this guy: @L&L-Jan he might be able to assist.
Yeti Casino is a vetted and Accredited casino at Casinomeister

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