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May 12, 2006
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This correspondence between me and the manager, Andrew, explains my problems at their casino. Now I haven't heard from him since October 2. Read from the bottom up.

Okay, so what's going on with my other hands? What have you figured out?

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If our support told you our server goes down they are 10000% WRONG. Our servers have never crashed, gone down for any reason at all that is not a preplanned maintenance upgrade. The game is supposed to restore. Next time you have it happen do absolutely nothing else but email me and I can investigate and sort the problem from there. I will check on your hands.


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The game is certainly not restored when I get disconnected. It happend several times. Not once was the game restored. My scan my computer with mutliple anti-virus, anti-spyware, every day and use a firewall. Never have I experienced a problem at another casino. It's not an error on my machine, it's your sever that goes down. Your own tech support told me this. What about my other complaints concerning those 2 hands which cost me $400?

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The game is supposed to be restored when you get disconnected. You are the only player that has voiced this issue in the last 4 years. Our software is stable, we do not have control over it as we license the software from Parlay Entertainment and the game is certified random. We have no ability to close a browser on your machine only some error on your machine can cause this type of closure. Please check your machine for any spyware, worms or other hidden programs that are running while you are playing. I will review your account and see what else I can figure out.


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Sent: Wednesday, September 27, 2006 4:53 PM
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Im extremely dissapointed with my experience here. Last time I played the game ran smoothly but now there are numerous glitches. Your server knocks me off in the middle of hands. When this happens with other casinos, the game that was being played is restored. Not yours. The whole game is cancelled and I cant help but notice that this happens mostly when I have a good hand. Worse, twice now Ive lost money on hands which I should have won. The first I had a hand which I stood, the dealer has something like 16 and he stands and credits himself with a win. I was told my email that the dealer actually won that hand because he hit and received a 4 or 5. Not likely! The second time, I had A7 and stood versus the dealers 5. The dealer flipped over his card which was a Q and now had 15. Then somehow I lost the hand. Contacting customer support they told me that I had 88 and that I hit it and received a 4, giving me 20, then hit again and received a 30, while the dealer had Q5. What?? Not only were those not the cards I received, but the whole sequence is ludicrous. I wouldve split my 88, if I had them, and certainly would not have hit a 20! Now your representatives are changing their story and saying I got 88 and split,etc. and lost some other way. There are no hand histories either which I can review, Im asking that my deposit be restored and I am permitted to withdraw back to my Neteller account without any delay. If not, Ill be forced to discuss these things on different gambling sites on the web, so that others are warned of your software. I believe your casino to be honest, but suggest that you invest some money into some up to date software. This software you have is a joke. When Im betting $100 per hand I expect a fair, secure game to be dealt.
Thanks for your advice. I didn't have these problems the last time I played there and so I deposited again, but once the glitches started happening I couldn't withdraw because I had to finish a WR. I still have a balance there, but stopped playing to get this situation worked out.
Actually, the manger Andrew is helping me resolve this now. He says I hadn't heard from him in awhile because he was busy with the ramifications of the new legislation, etc.
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The key word in his correspondence with you is "supposed" to restore. Mine didnt happen with the Casino you mentioned but it happened at Mummys during free spin.(I was getting disconnected right and left) I was told that their server didnt crash or disconnect, no one else was reporting a problem so it was all my computers problem.(not) Needless to say I never was able to complete the FREE spins..later I read that a whole lot of other people had the same problems...I never did get it resolved and dont plan to try, others did..just to illustrate that there can be server problems that casino not getting reports on because clients are not reporting them. Id keep on em ..IM glad your getting assistance, if he dosnt follow thru..just ask for your deposit back and exit. good luck
"If our support told you our server goes down they are 10000% WRONG. Our servers have never crashed, gone down for any reason at all that is not a preplanned maintenance upgrade."

LOLOL :lolup:

That has to be the most hilarious thing I have ever heard!!!!

I agree, get your money out of there and RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN!
Just to update, Andrew, the manager was very helpful and refunded me the amount I lost on those 2 hands. Additionally, they changed their software and are now using the same kind that Cherry Casino uses (I think it's called Net Entertainment) which is very trustworthy.

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