Requesting Insight from Maxd about a two casinos and my experiences with them.


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Dec 19, 2022
Hello, I intended this post as a message to maxd, but the system would not allow it to go through to his pm. I apologize..

The two casinos I seek your insight regarding are, and
I have been a member at both for 2 years or more, and regularly deposit to both. Withdrawals are not frequent, bonuses with bovada are non existant outside of 50% 30x WR match bonus. No compensation for losses seems to be the new thing with bovada.
I am under the firm belief that bovada is operating their casino in a potentially shady way, because of how the gameplay is very noticable that wins are consistant across multiple games for a period of time, and once a withdrawal has been made, the gameplay becomes instantly deadly to the balance, across all games.
I know this could just be an imagination outlook, but I have played there and witnessed this very noticable occurance in nearly every sesssion. So what would your opinion be about bovada if you have one?

And then..
bitcoincasino has been more friendly with bonus offers, but the games they are attaching have super high variance, where bonuses of for instance 50 spins, only 1 spin out of the 50 result in a minor win usually 1/20th of the betsize, the other 49 spins completely dead. I was rewarded two of these 50 free spin bonues for advancing in loyalty level, and both had exactly the same outcome, 49 spins dead, 1 spin wins total of 2 doge. When that happened I contacted live support to request a review of the account, and plead for a more favorable reward.

The live support agent did not offer any replacement option, so at that time I requested the agent perma close my acount there, and I closed the browser and had no intentions of ever using the casino again, and then an email from vip manager came into my inbox, that requested to know what was my purpose for leaving, and that If i were willing to give the casino another shot, now with access to the vip manager email and casino telegram channel. Also a small bonus was added of 50 doge.

I had mixed feelings about the motive behind the interest in my request, but felt that the self exclusion / responsible gaming terms had not been invoked, so I chose to return and give the casino a second chance. Several weeks, a few deposits and a couple of withdrawals later, Nov 24th, I requested a cashout of 1200 doge, which was after some time 'rejected'. I immediatly contacted the vip email that I had used since the return exclusively for questions and cashback / bonus requests. And was told that they were having some issue with their cashout system, and that the withdrawal request that I initiated once again would be processed when they could.

That cashout had been left pending all through the weekend, and each time I inquried about the hold up I was told they were working on it and not to worry. I continued to wait, and reported the issue to other users in the telegram channel, who were also experiencing pending cashouts. On the 29th I decided to cancel the request, and played a few games, doubling the balance, however I chose not to attempt another withdrawal at that time and emailed support for an update. 24hrs had passed and no update response was given, and this vip had been responding 5 - 10 minutes after each previous email. The balance is now gone, and I am certain the whole situation was designed for that very reason. And now 48hrs has passed without a response from the vip manager.

I would be safe to say that I am SOL on the funds having disappeared from my balance, even though I ended my session with over 2500 doge balance. However there are gameplay logs that coorespond with the last game I was playing showing my balance was chipped away at 20 doge per spin on 2 seperate games. both games I had been playing but my standard bet size on both were 8 doge or lower. I know i have no reason to believe that this casino is a legit entity at this point, but I would like to know what your thoughts are on the subject, and if you have had similar complaints about them.

I appreciate your time greatly and will patiently await a repsonse, as I am aware of how busy you must be.

Thank you!

**live e-mail addies & urls snipped**
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Bovada Casino is a Grey Zone casino that is reviewed by Casinomeister

Regarding Bovada : I can't say our experience with Bovada has been flawless over the years -- they can be a little hard to reach when players have issues -- but I've not known them to be involved in the kind of thing that you've described.

Regarding : the situation is a lot less hopeful there. We've seen a number of players with very bad experiences at ; see here for details: is confiscating winnings and ignoring player complaints - Casinomeister Forum . There has been more of the same since that Warning was posted.

As to .us site I couldn't say though my suspicion would be that it's just a branch of and if so then you can expect the same troubles there.

- Max
Regarding domains with the .us tld ( .us can only be aquired by US citizens, and the registrant has to a real entity/address etc. There are no "privacy" accounts.

"In order to buy a . US domain, you must be a United States citizen, resident, organization, or a foreign entity with a bona fide presence in the United States. To prevent anonymous registrations that do not meet these requirements, you cannot buy domain privacy when you buy . US."

Registrant Contact Information:

Suresh Sunthar


46 Arcadian CCT
State / Province
Postal Code


So this is the person who has registered And this non-US address and contact violates the .us domain requirements - but they are registered via Godaddy, which probably has a bunch of bots running their complaints department. So you are probably SOL there.
Bovada Casino is a Grey Zone casino that is reviewed by Casinomeister

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