Winner Screenshots - September 2019

Wow September already and still no winner screenshots from me because I have not been winning :(

Doomed :eek:

Then we urgently need to find some lucky dust and sprinkle it over you by the bucket load, lovely lady.

Or we could just forget about the sprinkling and get straight to the point by chucking it down in one go. :laugh:

If it's any consolation to you, I went through a bad run, then had an awesome July and a good August.
So hopefully your turn to start winning again is coming soon :)
Had an extended session at VS last night, playing for a bonus on every single BTG slot. (I have no idea why.)

Highlights were a 250x bonus on Bonanza (which wanted nearly 1000 spins to come in), and a Level 3 bonus on Holy Diver which went for 451x.

End of the Bonanza bonus round:


End of the Holy Diver bonus round:


Video of the session:

New month at 3Dice so new VIP bonus offers.

Busted out on my first of the month bonus (after decent playtime), but along the way earned the 'Deadspin' achievement which is £20 of funds (on a trivial 1xWR) for over 20 dead spins in a row, so set that back to work on autoplay (I'm actually watching The Expanse on Amazon Prime, I've just paused it to post this as the autoplay stopped).

I hadn't noticed I was on 9p spins instead of 18p spins, but this is a 444x stake win, £40 from a 9p spin.

So rather annoyingly it should have been £80, I've put it back up to 18p spins now!

What games are the 3rd and 4th picture?
Dont think i have seen them before.
truthfully, dunno, havent played them before either - was jumping around the board playing ones i wasnt familiar with
Extra Chilli is continuing to play nice for me.
The £1 feature buy on this one had dropped below halfway so decided to buy it. Paid 117x


The game was playing nice and steady after this on my normal 20p stakes. Bought another bonus after it dropped to below halfway and this time it paid 233x


Carried on playing it for a bit then bought another bonus for about £7. This one gave me 16 spins off the bat and a retrigger very early on for 20 spins. It was ok, paid 200x but it pays that regularly off 8 so was a tad disappointed.


I withdrew and went to bed after that. Sweet dreams :)

Put another tenner in after work today, planning on trying to get the bonus buy down so I could buy it, but didn’t need to. With only a few spins left of the deposit (it was playing terribly with one dead spin after another) the bonus dropped in naturally, paying 371x off the 8 spins.


Just a couple of minutes later it dropped a 236x in the base game. Thank you very much!


I withdrew at that point and got tea on :D
I really don't know what possessed me to play one of RTG's worst ever slots tonight: Cubee - maybe just getting bored with the regulars...?
Anyway - blow me down with a feather - got a pathetic 7 free-spins at x5... but got a full screen of symbols, which pays bet x 40 x 5 = 200 :eek:
(Yes folks x40 is the MAX WIN from a single spin in the base game!)

Final result, an astonishing bet x230...


Been having the account for ages, never used, thought lets try some games at my friends of Nightrush, 10 spins in on this game:


Played millions of spins on BOR but never got the 5.

Variance is a sick game!

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