Winner Screenshots - March 2024


4e on bouncy bombs - fun game by hacksaw.
Had a good value for money couple of days at bitStarz wagering the Monday reload. Tried out most of their exclusives, like this one in the screenshot which gave the best hit and played out extremely well untill I got the dreaded "an error has occured" message after which it just changed character completely. Ended in a cash out just in time for the holiday and what a nice surprise that this card payment went through within 10 minutes at 6 am this morning :)

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Have several hundred photos. Haven't had time to post. Here are few decent ones. Had a huge hit last nighy at BetOnline. Some fish game and i got ten free spins x10.. it was a ton of fun. I will post more when I get some free time.

Also hit the MAXI on 3dice again a few months back


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Latest session was a good one, with several 200x + hits and a few that looked like they were heading into 1,000x territority and although they didn't quite make it there I'm delighted with their efforts :)

591x on Da Vinci's Treasure. One retrigger so the multipler was at x24 by the end. No full lines unfortunately but many decent hits that added up nicely.
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743x on Merge Up, which I tried for the first time. Did 1k spins and got the feature every 125th or so, chance x2. You get from 15-20 free spins and I think it can retrigger as well, so there's plenty of time to build those ridiculous multipliers. Some free spins rounds didn't even breach a 10x win though but others did with ease, and all in all I found it a really great game!
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329x on TNT Bonanaza. Would be playing Booming Games a lot more if only the feature didn't start automatically when on autoplay. You're stuck there or you risk missing the action. Bad design.
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351x on Beer Bonanza. Two x100 kegs in one drop!
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Couldn't make much happen yesterday even though it started well by taking my balance to a NOK 7,500 peak, with the help of the likes of Buffalo King and Elvis Frog and also some nice 150x's before long on various NLC slots. It went real cold from there and I was left with only NOK 1,800 by the end of the evening, which is quite a dramatic fall considering I mostly played "gentle" slots on a minimal stake and not for long either. Just goes to show how quickly they can take it all away again, even when you try to tread lightly.

544x on Buffalo King Megaways:
Skjermbilde (1522).png

180x or so on Elvis Frog Trueways, "back in the day" it'd have retriggered a few times from here but I just don't get any of those anymore.
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The balance dropped a little further this morning and I had an urge to just YOLO the rest of it but then I thought let's be patient, there's still time for something to happen. Good call!

I could tell rightaway something was up with BB Floats my Boat. In the first free spins, not one but two octopuses appeared at the same time, each dragging up a Fisherman! Never saw that before. That round payed well too, and so did a couple of the following ones (got it 6 times in 500 spins), so I was quite happy even before the last free spins came in shortly before the 500 spins were over.

These two combined payed over 700x:
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Skjermbilde (1525).png
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And then this one, 1731x ! I never thought it would hit something beyond the first 500-600x but then I got octopuses and more fishermen and everything. A real exciting win and even if 14 out of the last 15 spins were dead I was absolutley thrilled!
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Some more nice hits the past month. Think some were from 3dice, bovada,, Global poker, and Vegascrest. Still waiting for payout from Vegascrest for 3 weeks now... Just a heads up >.<

A few were from Circa Vegas


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And a few more from last post. I have a lot more.. but I guess I should just move on lol ;)


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nice hit brutal game though played for a while yesterday
got 2 bonuses pretty quick on a .80 not a single wild in both of them paid about 5x
figure that aint right so bought a feature for .40 got 1 wild lol
but i can see the potential if you get some quick wilds :)
nice hit brutal game though played for a while yesterday
got 2 bonuses pretty quick on a .80 not a single wild in both of them paid about 5x
figure that aint right so bought a feature for .40 got 1 wild lol
but i can see the potential if you get some quick wilds :)

This is the first Sticky Wilds game I've played that I found simply unfun. It's not a bad feature frequency, got it 4 times in 1k spins, but what good is that when you hardly get any wilds. I think I got 4 in total and the feature I had with the highest number of spins - 14 - ended up paying just the 5x I initially got for the 3 scatters 🙄
The retrigger-thing looks like a neat twist but I wouldn't be surprised if you'll need about 50 features to get it, and if the 55% RTP from my first 1,000 spins is anything to go by, it'll be costly to get there...
I proceeded to lose a good portion of the very nice BB Floats my Boat winnings from earlier in the day, most of it on slots like Sugar Rush, Beware the Deep, and Dog or Alive, so I figured I'd revisit the one slot that had been paying today to see if it against all odds still was, and not many spins in, it gave an 825x !

Skjermbilde (1532).png
Got these two within 30 spins. Had 13€ in first one :)
both had purples all the way



withdrew 750€ after wager
Decided to try out some BGaming titles I hadn't played before and got a share of the dragon's hoard almost rightaway. The game here is Gemza and the concept is the same as in a million others, only presented somewhat differently. It didn't take more than about 50 spins to score a 582x, thanks to this wonderful multiplier chest:
Skjermbilde (1533).png

A couple of games later, I came across Dice Bonanza, which again is that same concept, and here too it produced a really good hit only a handful of spins into it!
Skjermbilde (1535).png
Skjermbilde (1537).png

Tried a few more from BGaming but they started taking back, so I moved on to Big Bass to try and find which one would be the paying one today. It certainly isn't Day at the Races, and definitely not Keeping it Reel either. When I got to Hold&Spinner, I thought this might be it, quickly getting the free spins feature twice, each netting 3 fishermen, and then the H&S feature scoring just below 150x, but it would just fade out after that and when the 3rd free spins only gave about 20x, it was time to leave.
Skjermbilde (1538).png

Back to Gemza! I didn't really expect anything after such a hit earlier but you simply can't not try a bit more when a slot has just given something like that. Indeed it was really cold for over a thousand spins but just as I was thinking of quitting, I got the 100x worth 6 Scatters (80x on chance x2). I knew from my marathons during the winter on the almost identical Gemhalla, that seeing the very rare 6 scatters means something big is about to come in so I stuck with it. And shortly after, first I got this 338x:
Skjermbilde (1539).png

Then it would only take 10 more minutes for the real hit to appear - 1431x ! And I had called it too! Incredible! :)
Skjermbilde (1540).png
Skjermbilde (1541).png

Skjermbilde (1542).png
Why has it been stone dead for me since it was launched - seriously the most I've ever had was 3 wilds land, and from memory they were not even advantageously placed!
I think varying your choice of bonus helps. Bonuses 1 and 3 pay well at different times. Pursuit of only the high volatility one leaves you penniless.
Why has it been stone dead for me since it was launched - seriously the most I've ever had was 3 wilds land, and from memory they were not even advantageously placed!

Yes I am aware it is that bad for a lot of people. I’ve had several wild lines, 5 scatter a few times, and plenty of non-wild line huge wins. But there are people who can’t win a fart on it - but it’s the same game so it makes no sense how it can be such utter shite for a lot of people.

Same on the original Dead or Alive. I’ve had easily 30+ wild lines, 5 scatter maybe ten times as well.
Those two games paid for Xmas for me last year as well as got my model railway shed built at long last.

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