Winner Screenshots - March 2024

This came in after it teased a max win and the win coin missed by one position off of the reels. Suffice to say the game owed me at least something to subside the seething anger I had. This was off of 3 scatters, 100x coin multiplied by 6 was the main bulk of the win. The super upgrade was as with most NLCs a big waste of time. Fun game though.


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Nailed a few bangers the other day for a change…. First one I had my balance up over 1k and was reserved to the fact the last few bucks would be gone. This bonus occurred within the first few spins of this go at the game and was the first bonus achieved in this game….


A few hours later and feeling pretty good this one hit on a different game… was a battle of attrition that I ended up winning for a change.
I just hit this awesome "All Aboard" bonus on Konami - Charms of the Orient. I started off with a "Mega" jackpot worth 400x. Every time I get a new train(s), it collects all symbols and resets the spins back to 3. Managed to hit it FOUR TIMES. OMG!

If I managed to not get a single train after the first three respins, it still collects the symbols so even then... The potential was awesome!


This is what I started with...


The ending symbols.


Final result! $852.90 on a 50 cent bet! 1706x!
Upcoming Big Bass, has 2 types of features. Bonus or Golden Lake. First feature I hit Golden Lake:


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