Winner Screenshots - February 2024

Another little 140x from the scratchcard.
I don't know why I keep playing this crap though - the base game plays are TORTUROUS, with vast numbers of empty drops or just tiny wins :(


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Crikey. Another Big Bass reskin?

Are we over double figures now?

Original BBB
Christmas BBB
BB Splash
BBB Megaways
BB Hold and Spinner
BB Christmas Splash
BBB Crash
BB Hold & Spinner Megaways
BB Amazon Extreme.
BB Floats My Boat
BB Day At The Races

I...yes! And I think I've missed at least one.

Plus Club Tropicana, which also features the same Fisherman but on his holidays, and if I recall is a reskin of BB Splash.

Not that I'm complaining. They're all fun in their own ways, and do pay.

But anyway.

Nice win! Was very surprised the 10x dropped in and then actually gave you a payout from it. The game's usual style is to sneak in that 10x fisherman and then do 10 dead spins ;)
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Well yeah - it's like pretty much ALL slots these days - just a glorified scratchcard! :mad:

One thing I will say about Cygnus 2 though - is that I am yet to have a totally crap set of free-drops that pay zero.
Not sure what my lowest is, but probably something like 20x to 30x...?
But my highest was 920x - and they hit about once in every 150 spins - so you can't expect to scratch off a big win EVRY time! ;)


You'll never encounter a free spins bonus round on ELK games that pay 0. Period.

I've spun 1000's and 1000's of spins on the Nitropolis series, in particular, and some other slots by ELK, (although nowhere near as many spins as I've spun on the Nitropolis series) and bonus rounds usually pay anywhere between 40X stake and 50X stake, with some occasional 100X -200X stake tossed into the mix.

I have a few stripes on my ELK military jacket and can 100%, without a shadow of a doubt, wholeheartedly and with confidence state.. that ELK games are amongst the most scripted slots in existence... In fact, Hollywood has NOTHING on ELK Studios.
I have been trying to resist playing this shite all month, but with my balance starting at only £30 last night (mainly due to THIS game) I decided to risk the lot in the hope of a bit of pay-back... and it worked!


To be fair, that was my 6th win over 100x on it during February... BUT if you look at my RTP you can see that it's an "all or nothing" game - the free drops nearly always pay decent, the rest of the game-play is a heap of manure. 6,490 spins and RTP only 91.37% :(
Although - I do still LOVE the mechanics of it, which is the main reason I keep getting drawn back! :oops:


and you opt for videoslots, disappointing mate. But a nice fucking win! Gratz!
I can EXPLAIN your hacksaw is at 92% SO i thought I played at one of your casinos and I was sure it was 92% I could be wrong video slots is 94% :D
I can EXPLAIN your hacksaw is at 92% SO i thought I played at one of your casinos and I was sure it was 92% I could be wrong video slots is 94% :D
If i released it at 92, its a shit game and a sing to run away like Usain Bolt ;)

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