Winner Screenshots - October 2018

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Apr 21, 2017
Almost 1000X, sorry I missed the shot, 5 rings in the bonus. View attachment 95800


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I am attaching an screenshot (red arrow points to the replays menu), apologies for sharing a non winning screenshot in this thread :oops:



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Jan 22, 2013
Some novo low-rolling yesterday. Two bonuses on the first spin, suspicious much :p




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Jun 27, 2018
Screenshot_2018-10-03 Quickspin Hidden Valley Play for FREE or Real Money at House of Jack.png

At House Of Jack Today, 2nd awesome hit.. didn't SS the first.
Within minutes of one another, 30 minutes or so here turned around $100 loss on the session into a $1500+ cashout.
Praise and glory to the cosmic yin and yang/eb and flow of the universe and a nod to the gambling gods.


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Mar 25, 2017
Ontario, Canada
I got a few hits on RTG to show you guys. I was playing on Casino Extreme and I used a 200% coupon that had no max cashout since there are seven of them that you can use once a month ( One for each day of the week ). I started off slow since I wanted it to last and then I decided to ramp up the bets when things weren't going well. My deposit was $25 if the balance RIPped, it wasn't a big deal. I got lucky... I ended up doing $6.25 bets ( Max bet with the bonus is $10 ) on Builder Beaver and every spin was suspenseful and the amount of spins I had was like if I had $5 doing 50 cent bets... With a few spins to go, I got a bonus... for 19x. It was a start and I decided to try for another bonus. I get one on the last spin before I would have to had dropped the bet level. I hit for 52x ( $326 ). That was good enough for me to stop and I decided for the rest of the session to bet at $2 on other slots since I had lots of wagering still. At one point, my balance was over $900 and the wagering was equal to the balance at that time. I was able to clear wager and cash out $420 USD which was great. What a lucky session!


This "balance saver" bonus on Builder Beaver below was the beginning of a lucky streak...


My one and only bonus that broke the 100x on high rolling bets!


Since this was done on Casino Extreme. The cashout was nice and quick. :)


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May 8, 2018
south east england
I recently travelled back to the wilds of africa to try to coax the html rhino into giving me some of my money back :laugh: I had to feed the hungry beast yet another £100 but finally he relented after months of giving me sodding BG's :oops::

jj.jpg jj2.jpg jj3.jpg jj4.jpg jj5.jpg

Out of all the games I've played over 3 years, raging rhino has paid me back the most so I tend to judge the variance and potential of other games against it and for me none of SG/williams releases since can hold a candle to it.
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