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Aug 25, 2004
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As previously mentioned in this forum, I am a bit of a Slot virgin (Ooo-err missus!), and wondered if anyone has any useful advice?
I've only been playing multi-liners a few days now & think I have been extremely lucky to have already hit a 500/1 (Reel in the Cash @ VIP), and 1000/1 twice! (Bonus Madness @ BET365).
But I've also tried a few stinkers! Most casino's have dozens of different slots - but how does one know which are best?
I'm not really interested in mega-jackpots, as I'm sure it's very easy to let $100's slip in chasing them. Not being rich (yet!), I'm more interested in low-stake, frequent small win machines where you can play say $30-40, get a decent game for your money, and have a reasonable chance of maybe making 2 or 3 times your investment.
Any hints or tips will be much appreciated! :thumbsup:
Well, due to being totally underwhelmed with useful hints & tips, I guess I'll just have to reply to my post myself! ;)

I've been trying out quite a few different slots and hope my experiences help someone else. Tried a few MG ones - but they pretty much all sucked!
But I've had a few good wins over the last 2-weeks & made a few $100's!
These were my best hits:- (Bet = Total cost of the spin)

Bet . . Won . . Ratio How . . Machine . . . . . Software
$1.25 $62.50 . . 50/1 5 OAK . . Reel in the Cash Crypto
0.50 30.00 . . 60/1 5 OAK . . Reel in the Cash Crypto
$0.90 $70.20 . . 78/1 Feature . Dr.Love . . . . . .Crypto
$0.50 $100.00 200/1 5 OAK . . Bonus Madness. BET365
$0.50 $100.00 200/1 5 OAK . . Bonus Madness. BET365 (Yes again!)
$1.25 $257.50 206/1 Jackpot!. Flower Power. .Crypto
$0.45 $233.10 518/1 Feature . Fat Cat . . . . . Crypto

I particularly liked that last one 518/1 ! :thumbsup: - here it is:-
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I think the best slots are the slots you like to play in! Just wait a little and you'll know which slots are best for you. And of course you should look through bad references about slots first (on this forum for example)

I normally find the paytables give a slot away. If the maximum win is low then the chances are they pay less and more often. Some of the MG 25p slots have a low max win and pay ok. For example on Sizzling Scorpions (MG) you can keep the game going for ages. But personally i find most slots boring-as-hell :)

The only one that hooks me is good 'ol Thunderstruck which i can play for hours on $100 if i feel so inclined.

You could always nip down the pier ;)


The lack of answers to this thread is because most posters/players are/trying to be advantage players. We are here to make money if we can. Slots are very expensive entertainment, with very high advantage to the casino. Casino's love you, we just shake our heads.
Simmo! said:

You could always nip down the pier ;)

:lolup: Actually, I can almost see the pier from my office window! (I can see the sea)
It's not a long walk from home, but turning on the PC is much easier!
And anyway - I'm trying to give up those infernal one-armed bandits. I used to think Vegas style slots were boring - just spin, spin, spin. Whereas UK machines have Hold, nudges, and a multitude of features & flashing lights. But they are soooooo rigged it is unreal - there's nothing random about them, and they only pay around 78%!
At least the Vegas ones pay what, about 98%? And they do SEEM to be more random...
I have had some very nice wins, but could it be just beginners luck? I'll know for sure in a few weeks time ;)
In the meantime I'll stick with the minimum bets, limit my total risk & keep my fingers firmly crossed!
At least they've given me some light relief from the card tables!
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UK slots have an average hold of 30%. Don't be a mug.

Online slots are "better", averageing about 5%.

Both are mugs' games.
caruso said:
UK slots have an average hold of 30%. Don't be a mug.

Online slots are "better", averageing about 5%.

Both are mugs' games.

The only exception I'd give to this rule is to say that if you play all the MG casinos offering a slots only bonus, withdrawing any winnings as soon as you're allowed, you'll probably come out on top overall (despite crashing out at most). Everyone I know who's tried has made a healthy profit. ;)
caruso said:
UK slots have an average hold of 30%. Don't be a mug.

Online slots are "better", averageing about 5%.

Both are mugs' games.
Gaming Board regulations require a minimum return of 70% over 10,000 games, which means the house edge has to be less than 30%. The hold could be much greater.
I meant house edge, not hold.

I've seen some machines stamped as high as 80%, so I assume the average house edge on slots is between 25% and 30%. Of course, the actual hold is obviously much higher - I'd say as near to 100% as makes no difference, based on my casual observation of slot players.
My best slots wins have been at Microgaming - Jackpot Express. It's a 5-liner but hits very often. The lowest payout is actually less than your bet (4 coins on a 5 coin bet) but this does mean you can go for a while on it - i.e. a 5 may actually only cost you 1 because of the 4 return. And quite often the 4 hits on both cross pay lines for a 3 profit (8 return).

The double and tri-bars also come up quite often for 40 and 60 coins. Even 7s is doable for 80. In fact, my recent $100 profit at Maple came in large part by a double and tri-bar hit.

In fact, in my early days I did get the jackpot on this machine - 3 gold trains on payline 5 for 5000 coins. That gave me 1250 win on a 1.25 bet.

If you try it, let me know how you do.

Oh, BTW - I've always done OK at cash splash actually which is strange since it is a progressive. Not to mention the 800 Major Millions hit I got.

In fact, my whole slot luck is strange because I probably play slots once in 200 sessions of casino play (no joke). Sometimes I think, oh what the hell, and for some reason I do OK! LOL


caruso said:
UK slots have an average hold of 30%. Don't be a mug.
Online slots are "better", averageing about 5%.
Both are mugs' games.

Most people would say ALL gambling is a mugs game!
The odds are against us, whatever we play. But I have made profit online in 31 of the last 33 months, and have just totted up that in the last 2 weeks I have made $380-ish clear profit from slots!

So I think I'll carry on being a mug for a little bit longer... ;)

PS Thanks for the tips Benroles!
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benroles said:
In fact, in my early days I did get the jackpot on this machine - 3 gold trains on payline 5 for 5000 coins. That gave me 1250 win on a 1.25 bet.

If you try it, let me know how you do.

Well, I tried out a your suggestions with 'fun money': Did 100 spins of $5 on Jackpot Express ($500) and came out only $18 down, despite only getting one good win - tripple bars. So you're right about it being a good playthrough machine.
Couldn't get into the Scorpion one - didn't like the feature.
But I did like Wheel of Wealth: Did about 250 spins of $3 each and got the feature twice - both times it gave me $800!

Now I'm about to test your theory about playthrough with a 'slots only' bonus - but I will be betting with Cents, not Dollars!
I'll let you know how I get on... (Fingers crossed!)
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It is a good play through machine. And if you get a few decent wins it really can be profitable.

I remember once playing off a bonus at one of the Fortune Lounge casinos... had almost finished wagering and had managed to build up a profit of around $50 or so and had $100 of wagering left. Anyway - my total balance was also $100 so thought what the hey, I'll put down 4 $25 spins.

Got the 777 :) ... all in all cashed in $500 from that session!! Although that was around 3 years ago now...LOL


For anyone interested, here's what happened:-
$50 deposit, $75 bonus, Slot only playthrough, Microshite Casino:-

It was a total fricking disater!
But I was not totally surprised because since my very first Microgaming experience years ago, I have never thought much of their software. In my opinion, it is at best 'very dodgy' and at worst 'totally rigged!'

So anyway, started with Tally-Ho (Bit like Thunderstruck, except you only get 10 free spins - but all wins are QUADRUPLED!). Got the feature after only 13 spins, and won $7.20 - not bad off an 18c spin! But it didn't give me it again until 273 spins & lots of $$ later, when it was $7.10 off 36c.

Next to Big Kahuna - this appealed to me because you get a lot of features. In fact I got 8 features in 429 spins. But you don't get many other wins and the feature payout can be poor, so it's swings & roundabouts. Best feature payout was $20 off 45c from 5 volcano's, worst $1.40 off 90c from 3 Masks.

Didn't have much left by now, but tried 25 spins on Jackpot Express. Lost $3 and decided it was too late for this machine!

A brief excursion to the card tables increased my bank from $15 to $35 - so I decided to have a go on 'everyones favourite' Thunderstruck. And I was dumbstruck when I got 3 Rams after only 20 spins: $7.50 off 18c. Got it again 38 spins later: $6.66 off 18c. But then nothing for the next 230 spins when my funds ran out :(

At the end of the day, I only wagered $600 of the required $2,500. I would say you'd have to be VERY lucky to meet this wagering requirement and still be in the black.

One thing I noticed was that I got features very soon after starting on each machine (13, 21 & 20 spins). Now this may just be coinsidence, but if I was a sceptic I would say the software is 'rigged' this way to get you hooked....
I will shortly be investing a few more bucks to test this theory out - but it will NOT be at a slots-only bonus casino! ;)
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I have done consistently well at Super Diamond Mine - RTG.

I like the feature and it can vary a lot how much you win - but usually I do very well with the feature.
Lasseters have opened up a new place for some reason.
I don't know why, since it looks like the original place....(but no VP?)...
Anyway, they have a 10x playthrough 200% signup bonus and slots up to 97-98%.
(20x for BJ)


You can use the free play mode to find a machine you fancy.
Big Kahuna is my favorite now. Deposit $100 and up/down to $5.40 and up to $200.... What a ride!

Thunderstruck used to be my favorite. I still love it, but I am in heat with Big Kahuna right now.. LOL~

Slot is my weakness. Can't make money on it, most are for entertainment purpose. :D
dominique said:
I have done consistently well at Super Diamond Mine - RTG.

I like the feature and it can vary a lot how much you win - but usually I do very well with the feature.

I've got a theory on that one but not playing RTG these days, i can't test it. You build to the feature right? 100 diamond striggers it but it remembers where you last were session to session providing you play the same denomination. So why not get a decent bonus(say the $300 Nostalgia sticky bonus) and play it at a high denomination to around 96/97 diamonds. Then quit and play out the bonus elsewhere so you wagering is done. Then come back with your own cash, finish off to 100 diamonds and cash out the feature winnings.

Just a thought....

Interesting Diamond Mine theory Simmo - I would be very interested to hear if anyone tries it & if it works!
My experience with this slot was very disappointing - you could spend ages getting the diamonds, get the feature, and then win 3/5 of F.A.! :eek:

Following on from my earlier post - I tested my Microshite theory at Maple while making use of the 200% meister-assisted bonus...
My experience only strengthened my opinion about Microrigging software:-
First go on Thunderstruck - got the Rams on spin 22: $23.70 off 90c
First go on Tally Ho - feature on spin 27: $28.80 off 90c
First go on Big Kuhana (Not a good example, cos it gives lots of features):
Spin 17: 3 Masks $33.00 off 90c
Next spin!: 3 Masks $11.00 off 90c
51 spins later: 3 Masks $3.20 off 90c :(
Unfortunately I then decided to play some cards - what a crock! I could not believe how 'lucky' the dealer was & stupidly carried on trying to beat him until nearly all my $$$ was gone :( :eek2: :(
Second go on Thunderstruck: Got Rams on spin 134, and then 34, 35 & 22 spins later - paid 12, 22, 40 & 40 x bet value respectively.
Then played another 141 spins with no Rams until all me dosh was gone.

So my conclusion is: the way actually make a few $$ off a Microfixed casino is to bet big the FIRST TIME ONLY you play each machine, then switch to another one when you win! ... and have the will power to not play cards! ;)

I might test this later in the month. But I would like to make it clear I accept NO responsibility for anyone else trying it! :thumbsup:
Kasinoking said:
My experience with this slot was very disappointing - you could spend ages getting the diamonds, get the feature, and then win 3/5 of F.A.

You ignore good advice, claiming to be a "slot winner" - then start complaining that you lost.

Excuse me if I'm confused. If you're a winner, you can't be losing. But since you're losing, you must be something else.


Try looking at it this way: you stick a dollar in one of those change machines, expecting twenty nickels in exchange. It gives you nineteen, shorting you five cents. It shorted you those five cents for the entertainment you received putting your dollar in, hearing a load of clickity-clinking and maybe seeing one or two pretty flashes. Was it a good deal?

You're not losing because it's "Microshite"; it most likely IS shite, but that's not why you're losing. You're losing because you're being a mug playing slots.

So stop playing slots and you'll solve the problem.
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caruso said:
You ignore good advice, claiming to be a "slot winner" - then start complaining that you lost.

Hey Caruso - Don't take life too seriously - you're not going to get out of it alive.... ;)

I'm not complaining that I lost - I always gamble with my eyes open and take the good with the bad. I'm quite happy about losing, cos I've had my fair share of winning! If you missed my earlier post - I have made profit in 31 of the last 33 months from online casino's - I'm not called "Kasino King" for nothing!!! :cool:

I'm just trying something different for a change & sharing my Slot experiences with anyone who's interested!
I can see you hate slots as much as I hate MicroRipOff software, well that's your prerogative - and you may be right about them being for mugs!
But I made a few $100's in Sept from them so don't mind investing some of this back to see what the chances of making profit from them is. So far, I admit, it's not looking too good, but if any of my posts help anyone else, at least I will have achieved something positive. :thumbsup:
Tried it Simmo, but didn't get much on the bonus round (big surprise). :(
OK, you'll be glad to hear this will probably be my last post on this subject!
I joined my 3rd MG casino in a week for my final test of my theory on their slots (i.e. That they will give you a feature early to tempt you to carry on). It was another disaster, and my scientific experiment has lead me to these final conclusions:-

1) My theory was a big heap of horse manure.
2) MG casino's slots, are a bigger, smellier heap of horse manure!
3) Caruso was right - playing (MG) slots IS an absolute mugs game!

This is what happened at casino No.3 (9-line bonus video slots only):-
I started out betting quite large amounts per spin expecting early feature games, but they didn't come so I was forced to reduce my wagers.
As some of these wagers ended up being embarrassingly small, I am quoting the number of spins until getting the feature and it's payout as a ratio of my bet value - which is all that matters at the end of the day!

Thunderstruck: 116 spins, 18/1 (What rubbish!)
Tally Ho: 395 spins, 5/1 (yes, really 18c bet, won 90c!)
Spring Break: 197 spins, 78/1 (Not bad)
Big Kahuna: 18 2/1, 13 3/1, 11 6/1, 17 2/1
Secret Admirer: 90 8/1, 98 8/1, 10 8/1, 62 96/1, 129 84/1, 36 8/1, 48 264/1

That last one looks nice, and was for getting all 5 rings, but saddly by the time it hit I was betting 1c x 5 lines = 5c bet, $13.20 won! :(
This was the best of the 5 machines, and worth a go if you can stand the tediously slow spin rate of the reels!

So all in all I lost $128 while only wagering $570 - but it was from a VERY generous 250% sign-up bonus, so I'm not complaining, OK Caruso!
I'm still well in the black off slots from the last few weeks as I did have some very nice wins. But all my big wins came from Cryptologic and Boss Media sites, while all my big losses were with Microgaming. My advice therefore goes without saying.... ;)

So to all you Thunderstruck fans: Sorry - I just don't get it. But I hope you do! Good luck to you - you're gonna need large bucket loads if it!

I hope my "little experiment" might help some people decide where to waste their hard earned ca$h, and I'm pleased to announce my award for best slot goes to:-
Fat Cat (Crypto) - Get three $$$ signs for EIGHT chances of BIG BUCK$! :thumbsup:
Recent wins (Wager/win): $0.45/$233.30, $0.90/$119.70, $0.90/$123.30.
And heres that last one:-
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Congratulations KasinoKing for your redemption! I believe that this all can be entertaining, but with no real gaming commission to oversee these casinos, slots seem to be a real ripoff to the unwary. The honesty of table games is also questioned on these boards quite a lot.

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