What Slot Game Would You Like To See Gone And Why ?

GGW Laurie

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rtg...golden gloves...........m/g chocolate factory........rival.........watch the birdie.............3- dice......thats a hard one, i would have to say the dice slot........to me all of the above are just plain boring..........what game would you like to see taken off and replaced with something else?


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Harvey - that smirky coy look makes me want to punch my screen.


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MG; All the non-random AWP fruit machines + the Sneak-a-Peek slots.
Crypto; Sudoku slot
Rival; Scary Rich - cos everyone except me seems to keep winning on it... :mad:
RTG; Sunken Treasure
3Dice; Medieval Moolah (same reason as Kidd).


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Keep them all

The more the merrier. Different strokes for different folks. If I don't enjoy it, I don't play it. I've some decent wins on the some of the games other folks are bored/annoyed/frustrated with. But I kinda want to smack Harvey too. Don't want him to die, just want him to change.


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RTG - Red Sands, Viking Voyage, Goldbeard, Prince of Sherwood. Personally, I don't like any of these games. Goldbeard hardly ever hits and the others just aren't any fun.


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Almost all MGs, just way too many similar offerings. Alot of the RTGS, although I like fruit frenzy and the aztec one in particular. The 5 line slot at 3Dice that has a max bet of 50cents, BORING! In fact, most of the 3dice slots, just too much "variance" for me !


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I'm with Pacers... MG .. CAN THE CLONES!

Keep the most popular version of the clone game and trash the rest of them.

Not to railroad the topic, this last MG game release really sucked.. 3 more clones.


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Have to agree about MG and not only that it seems at least twice as hard to win free spins on the new slots.

I played over 1500 spins on 3 new slots and hit free spins Twice!
Bomber Girls=1 about 500 spins
Quest for Beer=0 (about 400 spins)
Another sucky new slot=1 about 600 spins

RTG Green light and Golden glove trruely suck.

Rival Scary rich, even streakier than most of the other Rival slots and that is saying something.
Tell me nobody still believes these slots aren't weighted.

Nice thread, I could go on :D


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Im just old fashoined, I hate them all.

I would like to see, nudges and skill chances back.

Possibly more feature boards like the monopoly


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I take it back, Im probably younger than most, so most from the UK will know what I am talking about. The overcomplicated stuff is just about waiting for a win. The older games had more interaction


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I like Rival - watch the birdie. Two votes against it - am surprised.

I agree, Harvey needs a slap.

Also agree about the mg clones. Too many.


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RTG: Field Of Green (the sound go on my nerves!) & Treasure Chamber (it takes always too long, if you hit a scatter!)


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I like Rival - watch the birdie. Two votes against it - am surprised.

I agree, Harvey needs a slap.

Also agree about the mg clones. Too many.
When you have a bad run at Birdie, it's worse than many others. Didnt get a feature in about 500 spins and the egg almost never turns into an expanding wild to be part of a winning combination.


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Guess I got lucky then :)