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Sep 10, 2020
Holy sweet Jesus. Just came off the single most torturous slot experience I’ve had in long long time. I’m not here to gripe about a loss but talk about the featureless wasteland I encountered.

I’m pretty sure I had a pretty good go at every slot provider millionaria.com had to offer, in that I played them for hours, after a few good size deposits at €1.5/2.0 a spin…I shit you not, I played for the guts of 8 hours, on a multitude of platforms/games, and saw a feature no more than 5 times over the 8 hours. Never encountered a run like that before, ever.

Didn’t matter what I played. Just got this “let’s just keep his head above water and hope he’s as compulsive as ****” kinda gameplay.

It was so bad, so obviously bad that even I, the most compulsive person on gods green earth, stopped a coupe of times and considered the barren featureless wasteland I found myself in, before launching in and having another crack at it. I have had bad runs before but this was quite something else.

This comes with an admission, makes me sad ti say that, I was bored. The game play was sooooo bad I found was bored. I was gambling, on a slot machine, and found amazingly that I was feeling kinda bored. Haven’t ever really experienced that before.

Suffice to say, there was no meaningful gameplay of any kind, no compensation from the regular reels…just the feature missing the trigger hundreds and hundreds of times over and over, and when you finally get it, nada ????

I love this mindless pastime, but you’d have to work pretty hard to serve up such a shitty run in variance, and serve up just enough of it to make even me stop and say, maybe another deposit ain’t such a good idea.

Talk about a cure, that is if your looking for one. Folks write encyclopedias about how not be a compulsive gambler, but jeez Louise, these guys at N1 will have you cured in a couple days I reckon, give it a go and make a deposit…if you figure you’d rather be happily married than remain a compulsive gambler, deposit with these guys now. Gambling on their slots will help you see the light, that is if you want to see it, and no longer be a compulsive gambler.

Some of those features, after a couple hundred euro worth of game play would trigger, pay nothing, and I mean zero, and send you off with the message “better luck next time”, I mean lads, a feature with a zero pay off like 3 times in a row and a shitty godforsaken message as consolation.

I don’t mind the luck of the draw. If I lose the deposits so be it, if I win a little, great, but the game play here in terms of value for money, was the lousiest I’ve ever seen.

My paragraphs are all over the shop like my thoughts, but hey, I don’t care. I found a cure for online gambling.

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