I used to be an online slots hater... Now I never step foot in a land based casino...


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Mar 2, 2020
About 6 months ago I was bored and started looking at other stream categories on twitch. I saw they had a gambling section and slot streamers were everywhere.

My previous experience with online slots was through places like ACR or shitty free sites. I always thought online slots were inferior to land base slots because they were so
'ugly' and boring to play.

Now that 6 months has passed, I can't believe I wasted so much money in land based casinos.

Don't get me wrong a lot of online slot machines are pretty ugly and boring compared to land based slots. But the payout drastically different.

Before I knew about online slots I would walk into a land based casino with $400-500 and play some penny machines. I would usually bet around 1-3$ a spin, never win anything and leave the casino pissed off. To me, a big win in a land base casino was probably $300 on a $3 bet on a penny machine. Which looking back now is so pathetic. Considering I've had wins of 800$ on 60 cent bets online.

Looking back now I can't believe how much of a rip off land based casinos are. RTP is obviously shitty, but 95% of the games just dont seem to have any potential. The pay tables suck and your only opportunity of actually getting a big win that would rival an online slot is if you hit a progressive. I feel so bad I wasted so much money not knowing any better.

But you want to know the worst part about land based casinos... How they suck you into betting more than you should... When I deposit money into an online casino I usually stick with a bet big enough that you can get at least get 250 spins out of your bank roll. In a land based casino it was normal to walk in, throw $100 in and just max bet $3. Anything less than $3 and you think to yourself its not worth playing because the paytables are so shit you'll never get ahead unless you max bet.

So online casinos actually made me more conscious about what I bet. I get worried betting $2 a spin when I'm up $1000 online. I was so used to betting $3 in a land based casino like it was nothing.

The only thing I can think of that a land based casino has over online slots is the MEGA potential. Those huge progressives worth hundreds of thousands or millions. I've seen a couple progressive slots online that have some pretty big progressives, but nothing comes close to some of the land based slots in vegas. Not that you'd ever hit one, but I guess that's the only area where a land base casino is better than an online slot. There is a minuscule chance of actually hitting life changing money on some slots.

Does anyone here still gamble in land based casino slots?
Mega Moolah (and its ilk) have some pretty substantial online jackpots;
Anywho, to your Q, both have merits.
B & Ms (brick and mortars, land-based) have a social element, bars, music, buffets.
Online youve the convenience of playing from your sofa.

Different courses for different horses. :)
Lol I went through the exact same thing! Always played with 1,- bets in landbased casinos and expected to come out losing every damn time. I see it as a night out though with the girlfriend.
Started doing some online slots too about half a year ago and holy crap what an eye-opener. Much better RTP, more playtime with 20p bets and I also deposit a lot less than the money I took to landbased. Because I thought you just needed that much money to have any chance of walking away as a winner.

Right before corona I went to landbased again and only played on slots that had 0,5 bets. Was able to play a lot longer than normal and had a lot of fun playing, even got back up to starting balance at one point.
Well in Ontario we have olg land based casinos and an online based casino. Land based are closed due to covid19. But online is still running. Bluntly log SUCKS THE BAG . How about this for online win 40cent bet on who wants to be a millionaire. 3K. Ojo casino.
To be fair, I can totally understand that going to a land based casino or an arcade to play slots in is attractive for the fact you can socialise face to face and meet fellow gamblers and get to know the staff etc etc.

Online it is more antisocial unless you are a streamer or you have friends or family with you watching while you gamble which makes it a bit better. But yes Online is far better in terms of win potential than any land based casino or arcade or bookies because they have capped winnings and max wins of usually 500X bet or in the UK mostly it is £500 jackpots in B3 machines. Bookies I think they have slightly higher max win, I never gone into a bookie so I do not know for sure. But land based casinos in the UK do have higher paying slot machines though, but again they are still capped. They do have high roller machines I think though. But they too are capped as far as I know.

So yeah online is far more lucrative and far better in my opinion :)
I’ve done much better at the locals the last two years than online. I’ve been getting hammered the last 16 months. I’ve self-excluded from various casinos until May 4th as I’m already down $1000 this year. I just haven’t been the lucky bloke of the day online. I can’t see the land casinos opening until July...maybe later so online is all I have and it’s a losing proposition.
Both are nice on their own way, landbased playing poker or table games is nice and including at least semi heavy drinking, you don't really go to make huge money there (except some poker tournaments but they feel bit boring and not much Omaha even in cash tables in here Malta so haven't go for ageous).

Online usually play at home little while after work or something to get little excitment to see if today will get that 5000x or more but still waiting that day, have got bit bored to online as well, maybe just too much casino related stuff here around everywhere... :)

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