Any Dice Twistreans Here? (Playtech Dice Twister Lovers)


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May 13, 2009
For a decade I played mostly at Playtech casinos because it was so easy to win with their slots, but a few years ago I changed to RTG. Recently when the good old days came to my mind, I decided to have a little nostalgia, and play at my favourite Playtech casinos a little. I was shocked to see that almost all is gone, and with them certain games have also been discontinued, like Dice Twister. What????? Dice Twister at Playtech was one of the best money mines online. I never had a session without playing it. And there were serious reasons to it. I wonder if there are others who noticed how easy it was to win with that game, and if anyone noticed the Holy Grail betting combination on it, that made it available to complete any wagering requirement in minutes, even ones that were in the thousands?

That game was a wagering requirement killer. I was waiting for the monthly bonuses at Playtech all the time ready to cash them out immediately after the emails came. And the staff newer noticed the advantage in any of Playtech casinos. I think not many players knew about the money mine combination, because casinos never excluded that game from the playthrough. There was a point when I was thinking about setting up a website for explaining how to win with that game, but then I dropped the idea, because I was sure the game would have been banned from bonus play as a result. But who knows, maybe because of the referrals I would still be earning money after so many years, especially now that the good Playtech bonuses are gone.

If you were a fanatic Dice Twister player let me know and share your memories! That game deserves to be remembered.

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