What should I do if a casino says I did not wager the whole playthrough...


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Nov 16, 2005
What should I do if a casino says I did not wager the whole playthrough, but I am absolutely sure I did it? This happens with a Chartwell Technology casino, which doesn't allow to check the history.
I want to stress that I am sure I did play a total of at least 3400 chips, and that they say I did play just about 700 chips, that is an enormous difference compared to my counts, so enormous that it's clearly impossible...

Should I resign myself to giving up with what they are claiming? What bad.


Ask the casino for a excel or plain text history and count yourseft first.
If they don't want to give you, ask then the provider.
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Well, I would start by finding out how they calculate their wagers. Some casinos have a different definition of what a 'wager' is.. and does not add winnings.
Once you have recieved a clear and concise answer to this, then check your own calculations again.
I'm only used to Playtech and MGS casinos, and most (if not all) has a play check functionality... So, I would say it is a good idea to ask them for some form of history check, that they can send you from the provider.
If they can't then I would start looking into more 'authoritive' measures... Starting by asking Bryan's assistance for direction.
That is what i would do. Not sure if it helps**
I just received another response from the customer support. They say that the most of my playing went away to satisfy a previous bonus chips round (which I had about one month ago), in which I lost everything... So they counted well, although I am a bit disappointed cause I did not think the previous requirements must be added to the new...

Keep in mind when playing at a casino with Chartwell Technology :)


Interestingly enough, I too, was amazed, at a few casinos, that actually require a play through, from any bonuses awarded prior to withdrawing any winnings on a future deposit without a bonus attached.

Caught me once, shame on me.....won't catch me again, shame on you! LOL :lolup:

I NEVER take bonuses anymore. Not worth it IMO. I like withdrawing a LOT without any conditions!

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