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Jan 20, 2004
This one goes all the way back to the 2001 Awards, posted barely four months after the 9/11 attacks. Needless to say the fall of the towers was huge news that year, not to mention being a massive crisis for the US and the world at large, but a great promotional opportunity? Obviously Omni casino thought so:

Tackiest Press Release

Omni Casino, which is one of the better Cryptologic casinos, found themselves with their foot in their mouth with what many players felt was taking advantage of a catastrophic event. Perhaps they should have hired a different press agent:​
Wednesday September 26, 9:04 am Eastern Time​
Press Release
SOURCE: Omni Casino
Omni Casino Shows Its True Colors
ANTIGUA, St. John’s–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sept. 26, 2001–In a tremendous display of solidarity and patriotism, OmniCasino.com, a long time foe of the US Government, Attorney General Ashcroft, and even Janet Reno before him, has made a pledge to donate a portion of the proceeds generated from its online casino business to assist in the relief efforts, and for the families of the victims affected by the tragedies of the terrorists attacks on the WTC, Pentagon, and Pennsylvania.
“OmniCasino.com has players from 126 different countries around the world, but none are more loyal and consistent than those from the US…” explains Alex Roberts, Omni Casino’s Public Relations Officer. “…and even though the US Government is trying to put forth legislation to abolish our industry, we still feel compelled to offer help in this time of crisis to the American people, the families of the victims, and the heroes who died trying to save them.”
Roberts continues, “That means putting our political differences aside, and allowing the proceeds from an activity such as online casino gambling, help generate sizable and ongoing monetary donations to the American Red Cross, and the New York Firefighter’s Fund.”
This would not be the first time the US received assistance directly from the proceeds of various forms of gambling…The American Revolution was funded in part by a lottery, and Omni Casino is urging not only New York State’s Lottery, but all the Lotteries from all the other States in the US to donate a portion of its proceeds to worthy charities.
In addition to the percentage of the profits that OmniCasino.com will donate, Omni Casino’s individual players can help make a difference as well. As members play casino games using the software, they earn `Omni Points’ which are normally redeemed on the omnicasino.com website for cash. Now the redemption center on the website has been equipped with an option that allows players to donate money directly to the relief fund of their choice. “It’s a lot of little things like this, that will help make a difference,” adds Roberts.
Together the American people can make the World a better place for all. God Bless America.
As a longtime foe…like Iran or Libya? Come on, be real. They overly dramatize their significance. I don’t think these people (the US government, Janet Reno, Ashcroft) have ever heard of Omni Casino. Omni casino just happens to be one of the +1800 casinos, and the feds have been trying to squelch the whole lot. But I hope whatever Omni Casino did, it did some good.​
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