A Visit to the Vault 2007: 888/Cassava offers up a classic Stupidest Casino Trick

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Jan 20, 2004
One of the things in the online gaming scene that can really tickle the belly is when a casino, or casino group, pulls off a really bone-headed, Grade A face-plant into their own pile of BS. Such was the case with 888/Cassava back in 2007:

Stupidest Casino Trick of 2007

Oh, what a tangled web we weave…when first we practice to deceive.
It was brought to our attention by forum member Alexandre that Roccoscasino.com had some funkified information on their website. He stated “For one thing, I’ve found out that RoccosCasino.com is owned by Intersafe Global a sister company of Cassava Enterprises, the legal name of 888”. It only took about five minutes of investigative work to determine that this casino website had acquired the ad copy and graphics of no less than four unrelated casinos – 32Red, Challenge Casino, Intercasino, 888.com just to name a few. This was hashed out in our forum.​

One of the forum members had thought that they had buggy software, and emailed the casino telling them to look at the thread. Here is their reply:
Dear uungy
Thank you for informing us about the thread at Casinomeister.
Now we can cleary see what type of person you are and as such have blocked
your IP address from our servers.
You should be very careful what you post on forums, especially when the
posting is slanderous and therefore could result in legal action.
I warn you that any further slanderous remarks will result in legal action.

Roccos Support Team

Funny, you would think that they would be the ones that would be concerned with legal action.
A few hours later, a happy clappy player signed up and posted the following:​

No Problems at roccoscasino.com

I have played at roccoscasino.com and have thoroughly enjoyed it, there are a few things graphically that are not 100% but i dont think their games are rigged at all.

I think Uungy should really be careful about posting comments based on the small amount of games played, do you really think that after 30 games you can make the claims that you have.

Anyway i recommend it if you are looking for a casino with 3d graphics and a slightly different feel to the rest!

Woo hoo! Well let’s sign up now – NOT!​
I was just watching this unfold when the casino manager signed up in our forum <ahem> with the same IP address as cluedup, and he posted a statement saying that the casino was going to look into the allegations of buggy software. It was then that one of the members noticed that cluedup was listed as a jackpot winner at the casino website. Yeah, right. Needless to say, this was simply some scam clip-shot joint trying to put out a few fires that their bumbling deceptive ruse had caused. What amateurs! And what rogues! Clearly a comical exercise in how to be a rogue casino.​
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Was it actually related to 888? From the thread, It sounded like the scammers had scraped their website and client and implemented a bogus back-end.

Also some things don't change - sixteen years on and the classic misdirection of "sore loser" when the player has highlighted technical defects with the game occurs to this day - from that thread, the player observed a 21 vs 20 being considered a push, the dealer standing on 13 and 15.

While you can't identify bad luck in 30 game rounds, you can absolutely identify defective software!
My biggest gripe with that site was the get £88 free promo. Not the case at all though you got 88 to play with which was then capped I think to 5-10£. Gee thanks 😅

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