Resolved what a friday, SOW at Kwiff during withdrawal

Hey @nfehily

That is correct, and we do not want to accuse anybody of providing false information but quoting our T&Cs, UKGC guidelines and throwing numbers around, we need some context here and believe the provided information is generic enough not to disclose personal information or transaction details.
FTR disclosing anything that tells the public at large about an individual player's betting levels, financial info, address, workplace, gender, or anything else that could identify them or be used against them should be considered verbotten. Disclosing this players deposits would definitely fall into that "don't do" category. When in doubt feel free to ask us about such things.

- Max
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I'm glad you got it sorted. Certainly a surreal experience and I suspect the plethora of unanswered questions:
  • why an "affordability check" blocks withdrawals
  • when actually the paperwork request was flagged - given the rep and player had very different versions of events
  • why a rep is exposing personal information in public venues (I appreciate Max called it out in post 51, it similarly happens on their review portals with some regularity)
  • why the accusations of dishonesty aimed at multiple long-standing CM members
  • why threatening players with CDD legislation over an "affordability check"
  • why the pivot to focus on attacking my "false information" contributions while stonewalling the OP
... may remain unanswered at this point. It will be interesting to see what else happens with the BBF, but personally I would be incredibly wary of recommending any operator that behaves in such a manner - accredited sites should hold themselves to a considerably higher standard.
Sorry, i forgot to quote. Something about the rep asking ceartin people to do the casino a favour, by staying away.
That’s the only thing in this thread where I can agree with the Rep !!

(Weird side note and gut feelings, I saw the first post re Trial by fire etc etc - first thing i thought of was the Casino that called themselves “Rigged Casino” and what happened to them - Spoiler ; they went out of business , no surprise.

Maybe just the Gyppo in me I got a bad vibes first 5 seconds from this Kwim outfit
I read this thread again. Unbelievable!

I am shocked at the behaviour of the rep. I must say that I am seriously considering reporting Kwiff for GDPR violation. Also picked up on a couple of other issues.

So unbecoming!
If this operator can so easily give out information about one player, what's to stop them from, say, sharing my details with the world? As they have done here!
Kwiff Casino is reviewed at Casinomeister

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