Video slots service.


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Well quite simply put, I have been blown away with the service at Video slots

They are respectful, knowledgeable, quick to answer any questions, and on a couple of occasions have told me that they will get another team member to look into my request and get back to me.

If I recall correctly the requests were for RTP % and some max wins on different games. Even on these occasions I have received a lengthy email with more than enough detail to cover my request. These requests have landed in my inbox within 3 hours each time, Just another peek at how much the individual player means to them. Every live chat session has begun with asking how my day is. They don't HAVE to do this.

There is never any waiting with live chat and it is so apparent that the operators are allowed to talk for as long as the player wants to. I even said to Nicolas over the phone, its like this place is a customer service company with a casino attached.

Do you see why I started a thread about VS and how they should be 10?

If you dont, then given any amount of time playing here should change your mind. Just to round this off, I am sending a little something to panda media as a gesture of my appreciation as a player for the way I have been treated over the Christmas period.

This is truly the standard to aim for


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It goes to show what knowledgeable CS should be about, They employ good people what know the score, It will not come cheap but at least they are doing what should be done,

Not like alot of sites just want to take your cash and not a scobby do what they are doing,

You hear nothing but complaints about alot of sites and thats because all they want is your cash, I am not saying VS don not want your cash :) but your actually getting a service when playing there, There are a few good sites still but VS is got to be one of the best to ever hit the market, I agree they do not give much bonus etc but believe me when playing you will see the rewards, all wager free of course :) I got a 10% cash bonus the other day, not alot but yes CASH BONUS, who gives that out?

Let alone the cash back, Not as much as people think but it is cash back and something back, Than the race which is bound to give you something back, Yet again its been boosted a few k, which I noticed the other day than rep added this to the other thread, Than you get rewards for playing and wager free such as free spins etc, Also if you a reg player you will qualify for the free tourneys which offer free spins and tickets to battles,

Like Tj pointed out only complaints that come from VS is the bonus stuctre but thats like only on first deposit, & I said people go off that and will put alot of players off, Only if they knew what was waiting around the corner I am sure they will be more than happy,

I personally like a bonus up front, But believe me you will be rewarded when playing,

Not to forget about the swift payouts, I think my last one was like 3 minutes, There should not be no need to play any where else, But I still do as I am an idiot and like the up front bonus only to regret it after a good win and not able to cash out than hit 0 balance,

@videoslots time to write this was 10 minutes, Charge = 25 bonus :) Only joking I be on in a bit for a small deposit


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They are simply the best at what they do. Customer service right up there with the best and withdrawals more or less instant.

They do not come better than this place.


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Yup said it before they are now one of the best!

Could have made a withdraw last night of around a £100 but alas greed got better of me. But
with the cash back etc it does take the edge of things and for some reason even though no one likes
to loose with these guys you dont mind :) *some of the time!


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Just had a chat with Jonathan (live chat) at Videoslots as my account was deactivated. He ascertained that my account was logged in to via Japan (he asked if I was holiday first of all), but alas that was not me. All sorted now and good, prompt service.