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Verification at Betsafe

Discussion in 'Casino Complaints - Non-Bonus Issues' started by AC7X, Jun 11, 2013.

    Jun 11, 2013
  1. AC7X

    AC7X Experienced Member PABinit

    Hey hey,

    I've not been doing much gambling lately but I received a text from Betsafe offering me a 300% match-up. I deposited £20 and remarkably made the wagering with £900 in my account. It was the most unbelievable run I've ever had - I never bet more than 60p/spin and never had any wins more than 200x but I just consistently won from start to finish.

    Anyway, it seems that they're now being overly pedantic with the verification process (whilst refunding the funds back into playable cash I might add). They have accepted my ID, but they refuse to accept my proof of address. This is a bit of a tricky matter since I live in a shared flat and none of the utility bills are in my name (and my bank account is registered to my mum's address). It has never been a problem in the past, however, casinos have always accepted the document with my flatmate's name on it (with the exception of one which also asked for a signed document from my flatmate to say that I live there and a copy of his ID).

    Originally I sent the utility bill in my flatmate's name and a copy of his ID. This was rejected. I then spoke to live customer chat which advised me that any document from a government agency with my name, address and date on it would be fine. I uploaded a copy of a letter from the job centre which was also rejected. After speaking with live chat again, I uploaded a digital receipt for my rental agreement at this property. This was also rejected.

    I think using even a pinch of common sense anyone could figure out that I live at this property by viewing all of the evidence together, yet the casino continues to stubbornly demand a single document with all of the information on it. I literally don't have any way of proving my address. The only thing I can think to do is to get a copy of my bank statement (also a hassle since I do all of my banking online) and change my registered address with Betsafe to my mum's address. I don't know if they would be awkward about this also.

    So... Does anyone have any suggestions? Does everyone have the same experience with verification at Betsafe or is this a ploy to tempt me into playing back this money (I won't play a penny out of principle - going to be gambling elsewhere in the meantime).


  2. Jun 11, 2013
  3. irmster

    irmster Quit Gambling PABnononaccred

    driving license? This should have your current address (and if it doesn't it legally should so I'd get it changed!).

    If all fails, change your bank a/c address to your current one and then immediately get a statement. That should work.
  4. Jun 11, 2013
  5. AC7X

    AC7X Experienced Member PABinit

    They accepted my driving license for ID but it also has my mum's address on it. I have just graduated from university so I have been changing flats a lot in the city and it's not really practical for me to always update my address information with banks etc. Easier to just send everything to my mum who I know is staying put.
  6. Jun 12, 2013
  7. P.V.

    P.V. Senior Member webmeister

    Make money!
    Turn around...
    Does your mom rent or own? Get something from her showing she either rents or owns the property reflecting the address on your DL, Bank statement.

    Then kindly advise them you've recently moved out but unsure as to whether at some point you might move back in at home with your mom.

    The biggest mistake you've made here IMO is you were being honest when showing proof of address, the problem with the casino is it doesn't match up and I can see their concern too.

    You would have been better off showing proof of address in your moms name and not your friend and just advised you live at home.

    Hope you can get it worked out. :thumbsup:
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  8. Jun 12, 2013
  9. sparkz

    sparkz Senior Member

    They are complete B*stards (excuse the French) in general when it comes to this.

    A few years back (Before I made sure I ask every casino in live chat before even opening an account about ID processes) I played at Betsafe.

    I cant remember exact figures but it could of been £100+ in profit.

    Here in the UK we dont have government issued ID cards, I havent been overseas so no passport and dont have a driving licence. Thats no problem because it isnt mandatory to have them.

    I was asked for ID and suggested numerous things I had for ID (Birth certificate, picture of me holding it, tax forms, bank statement, front and back of card, p45, wage slips, hospital exemption certificate, and a load more). Even the most sophisticated of fraudsters wouldnt of been able to get that many documents of mine. Common sense should of prevailed... Sadly it didnt.

    I spoke to some manager eventually via email. Out of all my years of gambling, without any doubt he was the rudest idiot I have ever had to get in touch with.

    I kid you not but his final reply in the email was something out of order like "Go and get a passport and we will pay you your winnings".

    It's not just me its happened to either (the ID thing and the rudeness). Not long back some guy pm'd me here asking what happened as he is in the same boat....

    I told him I had no choice... Apply for and pay £75 for a passport (Lots of hard work especially with having to get people to countersign it), Wait a few weeks, then pay £30+ in travel costs to get to the nearest place for an interview, wait a few more weeks... Then finally have passport I will never ever use apart from this 1 time to cash out just over £100 winnings.... OR gamble more, hope for a big win to make it worth my while in getting a passport.... I played on and as to no surprise lost the lot.
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  10. Jun 13, 2013
  11. AC7X

    AC7X Experienced Member PABinit

    Well, I changed the address registered with the account to my mum's address and submitted a document from my bank with my name, (mum's) address and date on it. They appear to have accepted it. I have withdrawn my winnings and they have not been re-credited to my account so I have to assume that they're now on their way.

    I understand that there are rules in place and boxes to check, but it seems that on this occasion a little common sense would have went a long way, and ultimately it did feel like I was being tempted into playing back my winnings.
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