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Dec 23, 2023
Hi everyone, new to this site after some investigating the issue I’m having and thought this place would be the best chance I’ll get to resolve my trouble…
So I have played with Videoslots for a number of years and never really had an issue with them to be honest. I’m fully verified along with SoW which is verified. I recently won around £12k over a period of about 7 days with them and I have recently opened an account with mr vegas also which I am also fully verified on, however I am now completely unable to withdraw any money which I have around £1k in both accounts. When I speak to anybody from the respective companies I am told it’s an internal matter and I will be updated in due course. Nobody can tell me exactly what the issue is and I can’t see what issue there would be with either of my accounts. I’ve not received any document requests or any notifications of any sort. My documents are all still approved but my status is not verified. Can anybody help at all? Many thanks


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Happened to me at VS years ago, good old Dan (former rep) got it sorted in minutes, I guess you can try sending a PM to current Videoslots rep. In my case, I have changed email on my file and that got me unverified for some reason.
Happened to me at VS years ago, good old Dan (former rep) got it sorted in minutes, I guess you can try sending a PM to current Videoslots rep. In my case, I have changed email on my file and that got me unverified for some reason.
I’m not all that fussed now, I requested a Playblock on my videoslots account until I could withdraw as they suggested it in live chat. But it blocked my play in mr vegas also which I wasn’t aware of and when I questioned on mr vegas why my gameplay was blocked they just said “try loading a game now” and they had taken it off without simply informing me it was across both mr vegas and videoslots, so I’ve played both balances down to zero now. Had they told me beforehand that it was blocked on mr vegas because I requested it blocking on videoslots then I would have just left it on. Just seems a bit of a sly way about doing things as I never actually asked anybody to remove my Playblock
Hopefully the rep (@Team.Videoslots) can get it sorted, although you'll likely be waiting a few days now given the time of year.

Mr Vegas has the same UKGC licence as Videoslots (
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) - so actions are much more likely to be linked between the two accounts than traditional sister casinos. Have to say that's rather naughty of CS to disable playblock though...


As an aside for the rep, your footer on Mr Vegas links to the now-expired beta website for the UKGC register, so that link needs updating.


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So now it seems they are requesting my source of wealth, even though that’s already verified on videoslots. Surely this isn’t a valid reason to have stopped me being able to withdraw my funds when I had simply deposited and not even played them as I have a loss limit active. Then lo and behold I’m allowed to gamble once the loss limit time has expired yet still can’t withdraw. Shambles of a company and I shall not be using them. They claim everything is linked to videoslots but then they need to reverify my source of wealth although I was £12k in profit on videoslots in the space of a week. @Mr Vegas @Team.Videoslots can anybody on here sort this mess out?

Hello chappell7878,

I've checked your Videoslots account, and I'm sorry that you've had issues with the customer support in relation to the play block being removed. I can see that this has been resolved following your complaint raised on this matter.

Your account is however due to source of wealth verification at this time, even though you have done this once before, and this verification will need to be completed before account restrictions may be removed.

Hope this helps clarify the situation. Otherwise, please feel free to send me a DM here on Casino Meister if there are any questions or anything I can assist with.

Kind regards.
Team Videoslots.
@Steviedoo any help with this? I provided the information they requested then they have asked for further information as my bank account I use to deposit at videoslots isn’t the same account I use to be paid my income into. They accepted that but now they want to see my bank account linked to videoslots even though they didn’t request that before. Along with loan repayment schedules from 118118 money (which I’m ahead of repayments on) and information as to why I send money to my partner every month which I have told them is for bills. Any help would be great, cheers


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This is the beginning of the email where they thank me for providing them with what they initially requested


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