Be Aware Vera & John won't discuss player complaints.


Complaints (PAB) Manager
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Jan 20, 2004
In response to a recent complaint the casino has sent the following:
Dear Sir,

While we appreciate that you are trying to assist the customer with his complaint, we follow a strict and defined complaints process, which can be found in our Terms and Conditions.

We discuss complaints only with the account holders themselves and we kindly invite the player to communicate with our Customer Support Team directly to resolve the matter.

Kind regards
Gameysys Group Partners

Be Aware: If you've got issues with V&J you are pretty much on your own though the rep will hopefully assist. We'd love to help but as stated above they won't allow it.

Clearly this complicates the Accredited standing of V & J, and a good number of other casinos taking the same position. Bryan has a proposal for that that he's planning to roll out in the near future.
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