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Jan 20, 2004
Between the forums and our Player Arbitration (PAB) service we've had a number of complaints against Stake in recent months. The most recent PAB serves as example enough of their handling -- rather mishandling -- of these issues:
  • player came to us with a self-exclusion issue wherein they were allowed to play at Stake.com after they'd received confirmation that a self-exclusion block was in place. Player had lost over $10,000 in hours so this wasn't a trivial issue.
  • case was submitted to the general Support email: no response.
  • our Accounts Manager, @Jelena, suggested I contact the Stake rep on Skype. I did and was given their email address. Submitted the issue but got no response.
  • after a week I asked the rep if there was news on the issue. They replied "Looks like it landed in my spam folder. I confirm that I received it and have forwarded your email to the appropriate department."
  • Waited ... nothing happened.
  • the rep had also suggested issues should be sent to their complaints email address. Did so, again no response.
  • Bryan sent an email to a number of their email addresses and the rep responded straight away saying "I will raise your issue up with complaints@stake.com and ensure that a response is sent within the next 24 hours."
  • a few more weeks passed and still no response from them. I sent a reminder to that same list of email addresses, not a single response.
  • @Jelena contacted the rep and they apparently said "we responded long time ago, check your spam folder". I did, nothing there from Stake.
At this point they'd been emailed 5 or 6 times, contacted at least 4 times on Skype and overall 8 weeks had passed since I'd first submitted the details of this case to them. All of that and we still had nothing resembling a response from them to the player's issue.

WARNING: Stake (stake.com) is either ignoring player issues sent to them or is grossly incompetent when it comes to using the internet. The bottom line is that player issues go unanswered and unresolved. Stake has been added to the Not Recommended list here at Casinomeister.

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Stake Casino is Not Recommended at Casinomeister
Guys honestly stake is one of the best custom service that I have ever gotten in any online line casino
Yea sure. Show us some interactions. They have been ignoring me since July and I was a affiliate partner also. How much you want to see in regards to the dishonesty from stake.
I have been playing at stake casino for the last 6 to 7 years , Have never had one issue with them and have even developed somewhat of a personal relationship with some of the people who work there , Those that know me from this forum will know that the main thing I look for in casino is instant withdrawals , fair terms as well as fair bonus terms and most Importantly to be be or at least feel valued , stake has really gone above and beyond that for me , I just wanted to give my 2cents worth on this subject for whatever its worth
Stake Casino is Not Recommended at Casinomeister

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