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Vegas Villa took all my money

Discussion in 'Online Casino and Poker Complaints - old section' started by MaxwellG, Feb 7, 2004.

  1. MaxwellG

    MaxwellG Dormant account

    I'm glad, I found this Forum, so that I can tell you about my problems with Vegas Villa.

    I made a deposit of 1000$, five months ago. I played, fulfilled all requirements for the sign-up bonus, i cashed out 1480, but I've never seen a cent! They closed my account, because my account "is linked to other players".
    They told me "You need to speak to your bank to get refund"
    I read here that there are lots of players having problems with FL casinos. But can they really just take my money and don't give it back? They are licenced by Kahnawake Gaming Commission. Is there a way to complain there?
  2. thesmacker

    thesmacker Most Annoying Forum Member of 2006

    Go to the "Pitch a Bitch" section of this site and file a complaint for the casinomeister he has a close relationship with the Fortune Lounge group and if the claim is legitimate he will sort it out for you.
  3. gamblinboi

    gamblinboi Dormant account

    I can't believe that they would tell a customer to chargeback. That is simply unbelieveable that they continue to say this! Didn't vpops on WOL say they shouldn't be saying that??
  4. dirk_dangerous

    dirk_dangerous Dormant account

    A few years ago the Fortune Lounge group called my bank asking for information about my debit card. Of course, the bank wouldn't give out the information, so they locked all my accounts and they were going to keep my deposits and winnings!!!!

    No bank will give out information over the phone. But I could not get these people to understand this. I finally had to do a 3-way call between my bank and the casino group, and I also had to get a letter from the bank. They finally unlocked my accounts, but what a hassle.

    This group will keep all your money if you look their website the wrong way, so be very, very careful.
  5. dirk_dangerous

    dirk_dangerous Dormant account

    Let me add that my VISA debit card had a different number than my checking account (I guess they all do), and it appeared that Fortune Lounge called a customer service rep at my bank. The CSR simply wouldn't give out any information, but FL said that my bank told them I didn't have an account--which was nonsense.

    Anyway, it was all fixed, but Fortune Lounge was adamant when they said they planned to keep ALL my money, both deposit and winnings. I can tell you my blood pressure was through the roof that day.
  6. fortunelounge

    fortunelounge Accredited Casino Representative


    Although your account was locked for sharing of identifiers with other players who share the exact purchase and play patterns as well, I am seriously concerned that you were told to contact your bank to recover your deposit.

    This issue will, once again, be discussed with our service staff.

    Your deposit of $1 000 has been refunded to your Neteller account and should reflect by Wednesday. Unfortunately, we will not be refunding the winnings amount as per our terms and conditions.

    VP Operations
    Fortune Lounge
  7. sirius

    sirius Senior Member

    Does Casinomeister deal with these problems now or do you? I think he is going to get inundated otherwise. I've heard there are new wagering requirements since a few days ago (10x deposit and bonus instead of a 1xd and 5x bonus). I've read people are having cashouts reversed from offers under the old conditions. Some are being told they need to wager the new requirements!! This is obviously not correct.

    There are also big problems with Havana and DiamondClub at the moment (they changed management to FL I think) and accusing players of fraud.

    Also, there seems to be mysterious sign up offers floating about (under affiliate links) of $1000 bonus for $500 deposit (!!) which changed to $500 for $500 which later changed to $500 bonus for $1000 deposit! Apparently they were all on the same fortune lounge link and people are being accused by FL of tampering with the screenshot or have been given smaller bonuses instead! It was changed on the FL server though. FL are also sometimes claiming no knowledge of the offer.

    Eg. from Fortune Lounge (FL)

    This is really ridiculous. I've only just read about it but this all happened a few days ago.
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2004
  8. fortunelounge

    fortunelounge Accredited Casino Representative

    Hi Sirius

    As usual I am dealing with these issues.

    The wagering requirements changed on 10 February 2004 and all bonuses added before this date are being treated under the old wagering requirements. If any players have had a different experience, I would like to hear from them.

    We are indeed managing the back-office for Havana and Diamond and we are applying the same fraud detection processes we apply to the other casinos we manage. It is therefore quite possible that accounts are locked where fraud is suspected. As with the other casinos we manage, I will deal with these issues on an individual basis.

    The affiliate banner you refer to was incorrect and was withdrawn as soon as we realised the error. Players who made use of this offer and purchased until the banner was removed received the offer as advertised.

    VP Operations
    Fortune Lounge
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2004
  9. promoguy

    promoguy Dormant account

    Most US Banks Will Give Out this information. If a merchant calls and asks to do an AVS (address verification service).UK banks will not do this service (except Natwest and Royal Bank of Scotland).
  10. GrandMaster

    GrandMaster Ueber Meister CAG

    How does this work? Does the merchant have to give an address and the bank will tell whether it is correct or not, or can anyone just call with a found or stolen card and claim to be, say, "Bob's gas station and liquor store" and the bank will tell him the cardholders' address?
  11. promoguy

    promoguy Dormant account

    You was right the first time, the merchant calls the bank ( the first six digits on a cc identifys the bank) and gives the card number, the card holders name and address. sometime the bank might ask for the exp date.. For US visa and mastercards holders Wells-fargo offer an automated AVS system as do Visa.. hope this helps you out.
  12. sirius

    sirius Senior Member

    There was one case I read on a forum where the player didn't get the money and he even pitched a bitch here about it but not sure if it's been dealt with. From what I read in the forum, the banner seemed to change back and forth at times (not just three different offer changes one after the other) but I may have read it wrongly.

    I got an email a few days ago with another problem which I just read now.

    Here it is:

    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 1, 2004
  13. daveos

    daveos Dormant account

    I pitched a bitch about this over 2 weeks ago(Joined through 'Gambling Family link offering a High Rollers bonus of $500 on a $500 deposit)

    Support at Fortune room totally refuse to honour this promotion
    maybe the Casinomeister is 'working on it' behind the scenes, I just don't know.
  14. sirius

    sirius Senior Member

    What I don't understand is how anyone can justify Fortune Lounge stealing the deposits of players who don't seem to break any rules. It's not just that the winnings are voided.

    I read your post about this on another forum and I think I reminded Casinomeister a few days ago to check his Fortune Lounge pitch a bitches from two weeks ago.

    I had a player who they claimed to be part of a huge Russian syndicate but he was living in Canada and his email IP address was from there. He said he never shared computers to play casinos although he looked up offers with his friend at some portal he mentioned. He did claim to come from Ukraine originally so I can understand why they thought he was Russian but they didn't refund his deposit at all until months after he deposited (and they thought they were doing him a favour). I think he used Neteller to deposit. They kept his winnings but I doubt he was from a syndicate with hundreds of member as they claimed he was!
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 3, 2004
  15. caruso

    caruso Banned User - repetitive violations of <a href="ht

    Fortune Lounge is one of the best groups out there, if not THE best. I've been playing there for three years now and have never had a problem - possibly because I've always followed the rules and never tried to put one over them. Yet day after day I see people bitching about this or that problem with them - too much wagering (oh dear me), not big enough bonuses, stolen this, accused that, bla bla bla.

    Do you know the kind of shit there actually is out there? I mean, there is some BAD ASS shit in online casino land right now. Look at Hampton. Look at the ongoing 40+ situation. Look at some of the Neteller security issues coming to light. And yet people are deflecting attention from the REAL issues, pitching bitches for Bryan to waste his time with when he could be better occupied elsewhere on SERIOUS matters.

    That probably the BEST online casino group out there continually comes in for this kindergarten squealing and squawking is real mystery and irritation. If you don't want to come a cropper with them, try playing by the rules and not trying to squeeze out those extra little bonuses you're OBVIOUSLY not entitled to.

    And when you DO get caught, put it down to experience and drop it.
  16. Casinomeister

    Casinomeister Forum Cheermeister Staff Member

    Hi Daveos,

    Sorry, I just checked the status and yours went out on the 13th with a reply back the same day stating that the marketing guys had just left for the weekend. I didn't have a chance to follow up on this, but I'll do so today.

    People have to keep in mind that I forget to do things sometimes, you have to remind me if you don't hear from me etc. I run this site singlehandedly, to include graphics, HTML, updates, webcast, newsletter, contests, and fourm. And I don't work weekends so Mondays and Tuesdays are a bitch.

    You've got to remind me sometimes.
  17. daveos

    daveos Dormant account

    Cheers Bryan, your help is appreciated :)

    & Caruso, I Know that the Fortune Group are a decent Casino group & I am not 'Squealing & Squawking about them' I joined through a well known portal that was offering a good signing up deal.

    Im sure if you were offered a sign-up bonus & then told you could not have it you would not be happy either. Im not even angry with them, just mystified that they now refuse me the bonus!
  18. jpm

    jpm Dormant account

    I'll second these sentiments Caruso.

  19. Casinomeister

    Casinomeister Forum Cheermeister Staff Member


    Doesn't it seem odd to anybody that this is the only complaint concerning this promo? Well, just for the record, I have not been inundated with any complaints. In fact, this was the only one.

    Daveos says he has a screenshot of this "mistake". Perhaps he'd like to post this screenshot so we can see what the problem is.
  20. Casinomeister

    Casinomeister Forum Cheermeister Staff Member

    Here is the screenshot of the offending ad. I guess it should read "Purchase $1000 and get a $500 bonus" not "Purchase $500 and geget a $500 bonus".


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